1+ Hour Downtown NYC Drone

Aerial footage of New York City. Featuring: Downtown Manhattan, Lower Manhattan, NYC.

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Hydrogenii – “Kothbiro”
BluntOne – “Zen Garden”
Gurty Beats – “French Chill Hop”
Gurty Beats – “Black Coffee”
Gurty Beats – “Faithful”
Gurty Beats – “Mid-Day Blues”
Gurty Beats – “Roll Twice”
L’indecis – “Soulful”
BluntOne – “New Dawn”
Gyvus – “This Time”
Gyvus – “Tozen”
Gyvus – “Venice”
Hydrogenii – “Noiseless Voices”
Hydrogenii – “Midnight City Lights”
Hydrogenii – “Feelin’ Good”
Hydrogenii – “Underground”
KarmawiN – “La Riscatto”
KarmawiN – “Negociations”
Remulak – “New Cone”
SicknessMP – “Cloud Prophets”
SicknessMP – “Rest In Bluesky”

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  1. *Local Drone Laws in New York
    These are drone laws that apply only to certain regions, cities, or counties within the state of New York, and were created by various authorities within the state.

    New York City—Administrative Code § 10-126(c) // 2017

    This administrative code makes it unlawful for any person avigating an aircraft (including drones) to take off or land, except in an emergency, at any place within the limits of the city other than places of landing designated by the department of transportation or the port of New York authority. To avigate is defined in the code as “To pilot, steer, direct, fly, or manage an aircraft in or through the air, whether controlled from the ground or otherwise.”

    New York City—City Restriction // 2017

    This city restriction declares that drones are illegal to fly in New York City, and advises anyone who sees a drone being flown to call 911.*


  2. Great video, I'm a NYC window cleaner and my partner and I were cleaning the windows at 21 Madison Avenue when we see a drone flying right behind us. I was around November of 2020. Would love to know if that was you.

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