10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman

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  1. I am not tryin to say that saying sexual shit to a stranger on the streets is right, but I think "have a nice evening" shouldnt be included in this case, I dont see nothing wrong with that

  2. I'm a 22 year old man and I'm ashamed of seeing this. It makes me feel sick just watching it, knowing women are people and not objects and just want to go about their day like the rest of us. Is that hard for older men to comprehend? Like how are you actually halfway or more through your life and thinking this is okay? You've got to be the saddest and loneliest loser on the planet to be making someone feel this uncomfortable. I can't even imagine how this made her feel and it depresses me that women and children cannot live safe in this world.

  3. This is a prime example of the necessity of women (well, everyone for that matter) being trained in self defense and being able to have the tools to defend themselves. Those guys walking with her for long periods of time are scary.

  4. The guys following you are literally the only ones taking anything to far. People saying "have a nice day" is not verbal abuse.

  5. I'm actually really surprised by that
    In my country theres nothing like that everyone is just minding they're own business and not doing stuff like that. I think I actually saw a thing like that for the first time

  6. To be fair you girls squeeze into those pants which by nature draws sexual attention wether you want it or not nature of the human..all guys see a girl that looks good and we say DAM!!! In our heads..but these people are douche bag GTA characters. You are L10 attractive from top to bottom. That being said, How this many consecutive people can be this rudely outspoken towards you is crazy. Its like 97% of the street barking at how juicy you are…aww crap see im doing it too..haha.

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