12 Dumb MISTAKES Tourists Make in New York City

What are some of the most common Tourist Mistakes to avoid in NYC?
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  1. I’m going to New York with my aunt and uncle for spring break. We plan to hit all the ghostbusters spots. I’m really excited, and thanks for the information 👍

  2. Another subway tip: Check the status of the subway line you plan on using ahead of time. When I visited NYC back in September, I flew into JFK and took the E train to Midtown. I was supposed to get off at Port Authority, which was the closest station to my hotel, but that morning the E train was rerouted onto the F line at Bryant Park. Not a big deal, but it was the first time I ever rode the NYC subway, so it did catch me off guard at first.

    Later that same day, I was trying to take the F train uptown from 23rd Street to Rockefeller Center, but they had the entrance taped off at the station. Checked the Metro App. 14th and 23rd Uptown stops on the F Line were closed for the evening. I'm guessing for maintenance? Anyways, I had to take the F Train downtown to 4th Street just so I could get on the Uptown train. As a first time visitor to NYC, it was a learning experience and I nearly missed my scheduled appointment at Top of the Rock because of it.

  3. Thank you for pointing out that New Yorkers are almost always willing to help out visitors. We're usually in a hurry (I mean, just look at the place!) but if your question is specific you'll get a quality answer most of the time. If you're ever in a real jam, there's no one you'd rather have around than a New Yorker!

  4. Just a few more reasons to not like New York as a tourist. Apart from being overcrowded, filthy, old and tired, and crazy expensive. New York for tourists is just one giant tourist trap.

  5. Can you rent Citi Bikes near Central Park? Visiting New York in a couple months and thinking of renting a bike to get around there

  6. The first dumb mistake is going to NYC. We went to NYC last week. Filth!!! Graffiti!, empty stores, people look like ZOMBIES with masks OUTSIDE. it was a ghostland. we stayed 2 days – we planned on a week.. we couldn't leave quick enough. stay out of NYC. Crime and homeless everywhere!!

  7. I , a 31 year old Brooklyn vet, got charged 15 bucks for two hot sausages…by themselves. Safe to say, I haven’t been to Manhattan in almost two months. I already can’t stand Manhattan, and that just rubbed me the wrong way.

    I was like “are you serious….for two hot sausages???”, but in most situations like that, I just pay and never come back.

  8. The first dumb mistake, is to even set foot in that Godforsaken city, after everything Bill DiBlasio did to it.

    It's going to take Gotham more than a New York minute, to undo all the damage from THAT reign of error.

  9. bro I pee a lot during the day, I’ll be 5 days in New York for the first time, I heard you saying to use the restroom before getting out of a restaurant, but where else can I use the bathroom? any public restrooms around? i am from Fl , here you have thousand of restrooms anywhere

  10. Broadway theaters are not accommodating to handicapped persons. They often have no elevator and you have to walk hundreds of stairs to get to your seat. Then if you must go to the restroom, the restrooms are all in the basement – also accessible only by walking hundreds of stairs. Also, the seats are very small. If you are heavy or tall you WILL be incredibly uncomfortable the entire time you are there. Broadway theaters do not care about customers. They will never fix this problem.

  11. I love NYC but it is a very difficult city for handicapped persons. Most restaurants do not have restrooms that can be accessed without going down very steep steps. And the subway system is not accessible without walking down very crowded stairs also. There are not enough restrooms anywhere; I always have to wait in a long, long, long line to get into a restroom, and that can be a serious problem.

  12. I’ve never made any of these mistakes, am I a local yet? Haha. I did take my friend to a random street food vendor but he let us sample the curry and it was great! Also 110% true on assuming NY’ers are mean… they are some of the kindest people I’ve met and I live in NC! Had so many great convos there, people are a lot more open and friendly!! Love the videos as always!!

  13. Hiiii! I was casting one of your videos on the living room TV when my husband approched and asked who this guy was and I said- well our guide through Central park in 2019. 😀 Seriously, it seemed we know you. Thank you, John. And guys, that was my second time in Central park when I had a lot of time so I would, first – agree with John on the time matter and second, higly recommend you to take a peak at his video dedicated to the Park. Cheers!

  14. I lived in NYC for years and tip#4 is gold. New yorkers really aren't rude, but if you stop and look for directions in a busy part of a station or in the middle of the sidewalk you'll get some crap. As a tourist please be aware that 9 million people actually live here and they're trying to get to work/pick up kids/buy groceries/get home.

    My two big tips: 1) spend time in the outer boroughs. They're less busy but there's lots of great things to see like Coney Island, Arthur Avenue, Brooklyn museum, etc. 2) schedule a Big Apple Greeter. Did you know you can get a free tour guide to take you around for 4 hours? They even match you with someone with similar interests as you.

  15. I'm gonna say this, New Yorkers are tough but also generally friendly especially in the touristy areas of manhattan, so you shouldn't be afraid or assume everybody isn't gonna like you cause that's not true

  16. When in the subway, tube or using escalators find out which side of the escalators you need to stand on , for the London Tube you need to stand on the right , Sydney it’s on the left.
    If from a country town where the bus stop is on the road don’t assume it’s the same in a big city , saw a couple of tourists from a small country town nearly get cleaned up by a bus because they stepped onto the road in front of I as it was pulling up to the stop.
    The driver gave them an earful and asked them why the hell they did that?
    Their reply was Oh we come from such and such place in South Australia where we stand on the road for the bus ,
    The driver told them that in Sydney on busy main road that’s what one does. Being a tourist doesn’t mean that one leaves your brain at home, bring it with you to wherever you are going , because you are going to need it

  17. Is someone visiting a relative considered a tourist? If I visit at times since my son lives there, does that make me a tourist? The subway pointer is good. Even though I am not from NYC, I usually just consult the subway map on the side (you were standing right beside one) to figure out my route. That came from my use of the JR and Metro in Japan and Korea, though. As to the restroom, I was a bit annoyed that the stalls inside the Ladies Room in Whole Foods had a code! That wasn't the case with the restrooms at Chelsea Market. At least I am happy to see improvement in the restrooms of the Moynihan Train Hall. There was a time they were just as gross as the ones inside Penn Station. Seeing that this video premiered February 20th, I was there from February 20th to the 22nd and had a great time with my son. 😊

  18. Great tips indeed, number one trip best tip of all. Being a native Nee Yorker but relocated , we I visit I find NY C folks very helpful and considerate once I was lost asked a traffic cop directions he stopped traffic on w 34 street n let me make a u turn that’s considerate n helpful
    Bill in Fort Wayne Indiana

  19. Regular NYers stop on the stairs ALL THE TIME – it's not just the tourists; something happens in their brain when they get to the stairs… I'm always like "you need an invitation – I don't, I have somewhere to be"…

  20. Yes!! I know exactly what day you’re talking about!! I was so excited about the 62 degree weather and my partner and I decided to take a walk to the little island from his place on the UWS. We went outside, walked a few blocks, and ran back to his apartment. I was literally slurring my words because my mouth was too cold to move!! The wind chill was the worst. Hoping tomorrow’s forecast of 64 degrees in the evening is more accurate!

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