2 Teens Chased Down, Killed in NYC Shootings | NBC New York

Two teenagers were killed in separate shootings in the Bronx. Erica Byfield reports.


More: Facing rising fears of summer violence, President Joe Biden is embarking on a political high-wire act, trying to balance his strong backing for law enforcement with the police reform movement championed by many of his supporters.

His focus Monday was on crime.

Biden met at the White House with Democratic urban leaders — including Eric Adams, the heavy favorite to be the next mayor of New York City — about increased shootings, as they warily watch a surge across the nation. Though limited to what can be done at the federal level, Biden promised to support efforts on the ground to combat crime.



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  2. It's too graphic? That is the problem. Yes, it is graphic, it needs to be graphic for dummies to understand that VIOLENT DEATH IS an ugly thing. You JO's just made it, no big deal, blur out the UGLY! Shame on you! SHAME ON NBC!

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