2nd Ave vs Lexington Ave for cycling downtown NYC – which is better?

Is 2nd Avenue or Lexington Avenue better for cycling downtown in Manhattan from the Queensboro Bridge? I’ve put together two clips in split video to help you make a decision. I ride both routes to 1st Street (but need to turn left on 22nd street on the Lexington Avenue route since that’s where it ends).

2nd Avenue route is on the top and Lexington Avenue route is on the bottom.

2nd Avenue has a bike lane throughout the entire route but there are many dangers which make it hazardous. In addition, you have to deal with traffic merging to and from the Queens-Midtown tunnel.

Lexington Avenue has no bike lane but avoids most of the Queens-Midtown tunnel traffic and dangers from pedestrians. However, getting to Lexington Avenue is one block and one & 1/2 avenues out of the way.

Apologies about the 2nd Avenue footage on a rainy day, it was the only opportunity I had to grab video during the morning rush hour.

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