31 NYC Restaurants You Need To Eat In Your Lifetime | The Ultimate List

Insider compiled a list of 31 New York City restaurants you need to try before you die. The list consists of New York institutions like Katz’s Deli, Peter Luger Steak House, and Levain Bakery. It also highlights up-and-coming spots, like Sol Sips, a vegan restaurant run by a 23-year-old chef.

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31 NYC Restaurants You Need To Eat In Your Lifetime | The Ultimate List



  1. We should forget language and religion, the world should be divided between sweet and savoury people. Savoury ones can have the northern hemisphere and southern for the remaining including vegans.

  2. I visited 75-80% of the list. They are not the best places. They are just a bit older then others and popular because people know them.
    Believe me, New York has better restaurants to visit.

  3. Too many tourist traps listed …such as katz's, Sylvia's, Peter Luger,Russ and Daughter …obviously these people are not from NYC.

  4. My grandma‘s friend lives in NYC and I when was visiting her I had German food. I can’t have gluten pizza crush- My BFF Louis (aka DJ Mc Lantern 181- foods video and more(August 1 2021 @ 6:26 PM

  5. here's where I have been as a New Yorker and my thoughts. Worth going to once, yes? Yes. As great as the hype, a few are but most are not.

    Murray's Cheese, pretty good

    Ippudo, pretty good

    Levain, pretty good

    Llama party, pretty good
    Prince St Pizza, pretty good

    Wah Fung is great

    Emily's, overrated, try once
    Cronut, okay but overrated, try once
    Katz, overrated, tourist trap
    Peter Luger, overrated, tourist trap
    Russ & Daughter, overrated, just get some lox form a deli
    Eileen's cheesecake, overrated, too sweet
    Kung Fu Xiao Long Bao, overrated, average at best, tourist trap

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