August Alsina x Kidd Kidd – "Downtown" Live @ SOB's in NYC

August Alsina and Kidd Kidd performed their hit record “Downtown” live at SOB’s and killed the stage!

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  1. Ive watched so many of his concert videos and when he sings downtown he always skips the part where is says somebody don kill my brother by holdin the other notes so thats proof that it still hurts and I feel for him and it dont matter wtf yall say cause u not relevant until u made so and thats real shit

  2. Funny when Kidd Kidd perform the girls were still looking at august lmfao this pretty ass nigga can actually sing vocals on recon Campbell level amazing!!!!

  3. KIDD U AND AUG man y'all put straight heart into this track. People need to listen to the lyrics and not get caught up in the hype. I'm feeling this shit man 100

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