City Climb at The Edge Opens November 9, 2021 in NYC

City Climb Opening November 9, 2021 Courtesy of Edge
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  1. I just did the CityClimb on its opening day, and I have to say that it was an amazing experience! I picked such a clear day to do it too. The process took about 2 hours total. The climb was great and the view was spectacular 👏🏼. I picked just the right time to see the sunset. You must take an alcohol breathalyzer test prior to climbing , and you must sign a waiver. Leaning out over when you’re at the top of the building was an exhilarating experience. Safety is there number one priority there. I highly recommend city climb for any thrill seeker out there.

  2. I did this Monday. First of all, it's insanely high. I Def had fear at first but like the 2 guys said, you have to trust the equipment. Otherwise ur missing out on a once in a lifetime experience. If you trust it, you'll be safe. You're double strapped (chest and legs) so the extra protection is there. There's nothing to fear and the views are…. breathtaking!

  3. I've gone to all skyscrapers in NY including the newest one Summit one Vanderbilt. They are all fantastic. The edge is awesome too, but this part of the edge i'll skip. I find this climbing part a little risky. And i hope that only the staff are the only ones able to unlock/remove the straps that are put on people. Cause this would be easy for jumpers if not.

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