Come Shopping With Me in NYC // MODEL VLOG

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Intro Song: ‘Questions’ by Chris Brown

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Aritzia Yoko Slim:
Madewell High Rise Skinny:


LYFT Code: DAPHNE493399

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I use affiliate links for some products in the description box! This is both an easy way for me to track what products you enjoy, and also keeps all past products I have used in one place. I do earn a (very) small commission from this depending on the product. All products either used or recommended to you are products I truly enjoy and believe in.
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  1. ummm millie bobby brown isn’t a “spanish” actress…she british and grew up in spain. i have her makeup/skin care line and it’s awesome. also she got famous from the show stranger things on netflix that came out in 2016 and is still going on now…

  2. Its really interesting beacuse Im from other country but when I watching you I feel like you are little near person for me, like good friends✌🤩😜

  3. You should try to go thrifting or vintage shopping. It's a lot better for the environment and for your carbon footprint. A lot of the stores you shopped at mass-produce clothing and throw away the clothes that don't sell. Textiles should never really be thrown away because they are not really biodegradable.

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