Downtown Graffiti NYC Summer 2021

✘ Join me as I take a lap around familiar streets downtown just checking out whats going on.

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✘ Fresh Paint NYC ► is the extensive documentation of graffiti and urban landscapes I’ve photographed around New York City and travels. I’ve branched out into YouTube to further tell my story and share my experiences. Fresh Paint NYC does not condone or encourage any illegal activity. All content is for documentary purposes.

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  1. "Fake" is probably Lush, I don't really know if that's Faulse, but "faulse", he's done box-cars that I liked enough to flick in Cali (well done).
    Faux'Stradamas is another story entirely. Fück Q-Annoy is clearly that writers mantra.

    Have you noticed this a pattern forming, in the past several years?

  2. Another superdope video tour dude, NYC must be one of the best place to practice and learn about graffiti history. My favourite graffiti mural in the video is the Debbie Harry and the Parallel Lines mural.

  3. NYC is a shithole. You're telling me the city doesn't have the budget to clean the garbage and filth. When you stop caring this is what happens to a city.

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