Downtown Manhattan NYC drone

Aerial footage of Downtown Manhattan. Featuring: Battery Park, Staten Island Ferry, One New York Plaza, and Hugh L. Carey Tunnel.

⚙️Gear ⚙️

🎵 Music 🎵
BluntOne – “New Dawn”
Hydrogenii – “Midnight City”

🚀 Drone 🚀
Mavic 2 Pro

⚙️ Settings ⚙️
Aperture: 2.8f
ISO: 800
Shutter Speed: 50
Profile: Log
Codec: H265
Frame Rate: 24
Resolution: 4k

No ND filters



  1. AMAZING. Please post a long version or a loop of this so I can play it on my tv while working 😍😍😍 I kept replaying it because it’s so relaxing

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