Driving To New York City – First Time British Drivers In NYC

Continuing our American Northeast road trip and a it’s time to drive into NYC for the first time. Our hotel ‘The Casablanca’ was on west 43rd street on the corner of Times Square.

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We were driving for the most part on the Interstate 95 (I-95) down the Atlantic coast into New York.

The weather was bad when we left Newport Rhode Island but the sun was out by the time we reached NYC.

We drove into the city from the north through the East Bronx, across the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge and down onto the FDR Driver along side the east river. Then down 49th street into Midtown Manhattan.

After dropping off Mrs W and the luggage at the hotel, the busiest part was trying to get through the traffic and drop the car off at the Avis depot on the side of Penn Station (unfortunately, too busy to film that bit!)

Car returned to Avis is one piece.

‘Driving Into NYC’ – Filmed October 2017


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  1. Even though I live on Long Island I used to live in New York City, all I know is driving in the city is absolutely crazy! Great job though driving in the US

  2. Just tried that on my side as well, first time driving in NYC, straight into Time Square. I took the George Washington Bridge and it was really not that bad. Mostly fluid traffic except for the last part through TS, and waiting at reds like any city. Entered NY from New Jersey on a monday at 5pm. I went on the 45th between 5th and 6th avenue. Did it in 20 minutes.

  3. driving right through times square! whoa! you guys are brave! lol we visit NY at least once a year cuz husband is from there, matter of fact we will be there in a couple of days, but i've only driven ONCE…and it was in brooklyn….at night. lol ~sara

  4. I never understood why people say it's difficult to drive in the big city… Just a lot of traffic, really. It looks like you both enjoyed your journey there and in NYC!

  5. That is REALLY brave of you to drive in NYC. I don't think I could ever do that so kudos to you!! But you're right, doesn't look to bad at all! Just a lot of traffic I guess.

  6. Hi! Came across your twitter account which lead me to here. I’m a big fan of travel too and recently started a travel feature on my vlog, so very interested to check out your videos.
    I love New York, I’ve been there 6 times now. Each time that skyline is just as good as the last. Well done driving it, it’s never as bad as you might imagine (although can get VERY busy once you hit Manhattan. I’ve subscribed and look forward to see all the future content

  7. Well done! I think I would have been so stressed driving into New-York but the traffic didn't look too bad that day. Seemed like the perfect weather for a trip To New-York too.

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