Electric Bike VS NYC Streets (COWBOY 4)

I’ve never been that interested in putting the BMX down for an electric bike but when Cowboy hit me up to test their new Cowboy 4 in the streets of NYC, I couldn’t resist. The Cowboy 4 has a super sleek design, rips through traffic like nothing and I did a timed race from Midtown to Brooklyn vs my M2 to see which is faster in the city. The bike also has a great street presence that gets a lot of love from strangers! Check out Cowboy and get $100 off today- https://bit.ly/34omGVv #ad

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Riders include- Alex Cannova, Billy Perry

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  1. You ride like an idiot and you’ll end up in the hospital soon, and you’ll deserve it. I just wish you won’t hit any pedestrians or damage anyone’s property.

  2. How do you feel about the lack of suspension? Is it something you wish were different or is it something you've been used to for a while and don't mind not having?

  3. In other countries you would be kicked in your ass for driving like an mormon between the cars etc or simply would be dead soon

  4. Nice perspective of riding an e-bike in city traffic. I preordered my Cowboy 4 last year, have made the final payment and am just waiting for delivery (a little delayed at the moment.) Can't wait to put it to the test in Los Angeles.

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