1. I remember chilling in the village to I wasn't no runaway now like that I used to hang out with these RFC kids yeah it in the Bronx it was all about KGB, KD… By the way I'm BAIL one…fgks

  2. I actually went to HS with Kunle…first day of Global History…there he was. The only kid in the whole school wearing dress slacks and a button down. Saw him morph into himself as time passed. Always was a great dude!

  3. Very smart. That thing with the jacket saying thats the price to not have to ever see you again. My dad told me that many years ago. I was mad a freind owed me 20 bucks for some dumb shit and he told me maybe the 20 dollars is worth never having to talk to that piece of shit again.

  4. This guy, no matter when I see him, strikes me as a disgusting, ignorant human. Just a gross, entitled person. Terrible life choices and hell bent on justifying his shittiness. I hate this guy.

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