Food Cart Serves Up The Best Dosas In NYC | Legendary Eats

Thiru Kumar serves up delicious Indian dosas to his loyal fans in Washington Square Park daily. Better known as the Dosa Man, Kumar has been selling inexpensive street eats since 2001. His food cart, NY Dosas, is listed in 42 countries’ guidebooks, and he has fan clubs in California and Japan.

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Food Cart Serves Up The Best Dosas In NYC | Legendary Eats



  1. தமிழன் அன்பு செலுத்துவது சிறந்தவன். உணவு செய்வத்திலும் சிறந்தவன்.

  2. THIS is vegan alternative, not the bizzare attempts(failures) at replicating burgers/steak etc. Explore new kinds of food, not substitute it with vegan ingredients.

  3. I wish he would franchise out and send his minions throughout the boroughs! I love that has posted all menu items in English, speaks English, and welcomes customers of every nationality! Good quality person!

  4. I'm so pissed I can't have the special pondicherry cuz it's on the other side of the world, I'm making my own right now. At the rate I'm going tho, looks like imma have to wait till tomorrow to actually get the whole shit done 😂 cuz I'm not even halfway there yet

  5. The word sambar came from a name maratha prince of thanjore maratha state son of venkoji
    Who was foodie at the time he s more intrested in cooking than warfare when visited rural he found people add boil vegies in tamarind water along with pepper he upgraded the dish by adding north indian dhal and mustard making it an authentic blend
    Now it became sambar nade by sambaji like noor jahan who made biryani in accident make it world famous

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