‘Homeless by choice’: How this guy survives on the streets of NYC | New York Post

This happy camper saves $1,500 a month by sleeping on the streets. Meet Armando Esposito, a Mexican resident in New York City, who is homeless by choice. Surprisingly, he has a job, pays taxes and even finds time to watch Netflix. After four years of this unique lifestyle — hopping among rooftops, cemeteries and more — Esposito has been able to build two apartments and five lofts in Xalapa, Mexico. Watch his extraordinary story here.

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  1. Isn't America "great"? The most richest country in the world and people can't afford to live in an apartment while working a full time job. Yay Capitalism! Or should I say Anarcho-Capitalism.

  2. I chose homelessness in 1980 for the same reason Armando did: Paying evermore rent with ever less money was not – is not – and will not be viable! I could see the "writing on the wall" back in 1980. What is happening TODAY in 2022 validates my choice of homelessness in 1980. And consider this from the Quran: "Earthly life is not the True Life." Earthly life is not a TRUE home for any human being. But the rich and respectable can't see that. They've "got their reward" here on Earth. But I did not feel TRULY vindicated in my choice of homelessness until I had accpted Islam and read the Quran (10 times) where it says quite unequivocally: "Earthly life is not the True Life."

  3. I was trying to learn how to live without working…the main thing i have to face is accomodation..now i got one more idea..thanks for this video lol

  4. now this is a man who really wants to be a millionaire even if he dont know how to make big money , he knows how to save it , a little in a long run mean big money

  5. If you only use your house just to sleep why not. And dude works in a restaurant and goes to gym. Even People with houses sleep outside, they just call it camping

  6. Paying rent is wasted money it's going leave you , working to make a greasy landlord ritch, ever one should be entitled to a basic living space without rent , better to live off grid, like in a tent or hostel room share ect

  7. He's not homeless he has a job makes money has the means to get electric to charge phones laptops etc, he what you call "cheap" pays for shows, washed clothes.

  8. I honestly don’t know why this video wasn’t/is blowing up, living in NYC this should be a warning, something to consider and to be aware of! Props to this man bc I might or might not make more than him in a week but I sure spent double/triple of his expenses lol

  9. Sleeping in the open is scary because a serial killer could hurt you. I heard about a guy that was murdering homeless people with a hammer while they were sleeping. Sleeping in a vehicle is safer.

  10. It is looking like I may become homeless soon.
    One night, I was driving home from a Church Bible Study, when a man stepped-out in front of my car and unfortunately he died from the accident. The accident did-not occur at a street corner or crosswalk. He was definitely J-Walking. Nor was I under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, nor was I speeding or driving erratically. So I believe that when the Sheriff’s investigation is complete, I will-not be held at fault by them. However, I have heard that the family of the deceased is likely to sue me anyways and in Civil Court, I may be held accountable for some reason. Then their lawyers would likely go-after my assets in addition to my liability insurance. The only assets I have are the car that I was driving in the accident which is smashed-up. My work Truck and my ShuttleBus which I live-in. If the lawyers are able to seize my Truck and ShuttleBus, I will become homeless and without the ability to work at my job as a Poolman.
    Any suggestions?

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