Homeless encampments across NYC being targeted by new initiative

Homeless encampments in New York are being targeted by a new initiative. City officials confirm that a task force is giving out notices to vacate the areas while also offering support; CBS2’s Kiran Dhillon reports.



  1. Who cares if there were protesters! A small minority of activists should not dictate how the rest of us want to live!
    Get the homeless into drug rehab or mental hospitals and stop incentivesing their way of life! They are not taxpayers!

  2. The mayor saying the Shelters are more safe, is a outright lie! Every interview I've seen in Invisible People YT says how dangerous shelters are all over this country. Also, NYC has services and money to help people. Yet the money is mismanaged and isn't being used for the purpose it is intended! Let's speak on that..

  3. These people giving him push back I don’t understand what they expect him to do. He’s making sure they even have vouchers for their items. Its like you’re damned if you do. Honestly he’s not the only Mayor taking this approach.

  4. I like how the title makes it seem as if the plan victimizes homeless people as if they get exterminated or some 💩 lol you can tell the media doesn't want this to happen so that they can continue to report on random stabbings with a fake serious face & ask the same stupid question "WhAt wAs mOtIvE?" lol the media is pure garbage. Clean this F/N city up already and stop listening to woke idiot's that contribute to the destruction of this city unless you want to see more random stabbings.

  5. Good job mayor. all city needs to do the same. "Targeted" is not the word here. Only criminal and outlaw would feel targeted for not want to compliance with rules.

  6. do not kid yourselves, services are not instant its not like that , depression does not allow you to sleep in shelters, as you are put out in the am and cannot return till evening , also if these poor soul's have lost their b.c. s.s. cards and id's its a long long process to get them services , i say rebuild those abandoned buildings give people low income affordable housing that is a start, if you were in Ukraine right now you'd be homeless as quickly as the world has seen , come on nyc the wealthiest city in the world can do this, man up give up the $ if you love humanity. these soul's are broken , no one wakes up one day and says i wanna be an addict or i want to be mentally ill? stop judging and do unto others as you would have them do unto you simple as that. just because your world has never seen troubles don't turn your backs on those whom have .

  7. Sadly, street homeless encampments are nothing else but open drugs markets where all sorts of crime go unchecked. Many will die from fentanyl overdose.

  8. Things that never change decade after decade are not properly understood. Homeless serve an important purpose for the society and that's why they've always been there. Now figure out what that purpose is…….

  9. Give them housing like your doing for the 100,000 Ukrainians that just got here in NY a few days ago! You giving them homes, foodstamps & jobs!

  10. Very well. What the Major is going to do so these people doesn’t continue to depend on shelters and these homeless can incorporate themselves to normal life. Normal life as to they able to work and depend on a salary and prevent for them to go back to be homeless

  11. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Citizens of NYC should not have to feel so unsafe on a day to day basis!! If you've been threatened and harrassed by a homeless person, then you would be FOR this initiative. Clean up the streets and give the homeless and mentally unstable individuals the help Adams is offering.

  12. here's something else when there's mental health people or homeless people in certain neighborhoods the police make them go into the subways to get them out of the neighborhood now what's happening the Transit Police are kicking them out to the streets but they're not getting any help in any kind of way is he the threat of arrest or either go to the streets or go to the subway depending on which police force is telling them the same old same old

  13. Mr Adams first of all stop saying your city your police the only thing you have is what you own and what you bought with your money you own nothing here in the city it's our city now why do you think all these homeless people have encampments their safety in numbers if you're not built like that you're going to be scared to death if you're in the streets by yourself but yet the city can provide no safe place for these homeless people or mental people but yet you're going to break up these camps because it bothers certain people in certain neighborhoods but what are their options what are you really going to do from that hasn't been done before the encampments are created because their safety in numbers just imagine being out in the street with no shelter no protection and since you want to break things up why don't we just break up your security detail and you can travel alone by yourself how does that sound

  14. People sleeping on the streets is inhumane, but forcing them into shelters that the homeless describe as discusting is humane? No doubt Democrats will continue to make life even more difficult for the poor pushing even more into homelessness.

  15. PANHANDLING should be considering a FELONY, because it's been used as an open door to brutally harass/punch/kick/stab/slash, and/or potentially even kill white New Yorkers and white tourists. Please take into account that there are more than enough resources for all those racist thugs, resources such as Medicaid, Medicare, food, shelters, haircuts, shoes, cash, etc., etc.

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