How a Master Chef Built a Michelin-Starred Italian Restaurant in New York City — Mise En Place

At NYC’s Rezdôra, chef Stefano Secchi uses his years of training from under the best pasta-makers in Emilia-Romagna, Italy to craft some of the most unique Italian dishes in the city. With special attention to fresh ingredients and respect to the tradition of making pasta, he creates dishes like king crab girasoli and giant ravioli with runny egg yolks inside. Stick around to see actor and investor Tony Shalhoub stop by for a taste.

Producer/Director: Daniel Geneen
Camera: Connor Reid, Daniel Geneen
Editor: Daniel Geneen

Executive Producer: Stephen Pelletteri
Development Producer: McGraw Wolfman
Supervising Producer: Stefania Orrù
Audience Development Manager: Terri Ciccone
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  1. 0:33 – Nobody wants that white jizzy blob on the egg, (Chalaza), they attach to the yolk to protect it from bumping into the sides of the eggshell but when it cooks it literally becomes this rubbery white string which is really offputting.

  2. I still dont get it. Michellin stars = food topped with truffles. There is just plain ass noodles in a pile, but with truffle on top. Hot pocket in the microwave, truffle on top, boom gourmet food, michellin worthy. Frozen pizza in the oven, top with truffle, boom gourmet food!! Michellin means use truffle… And make extremely small servings, boom…

  3. This is the only YouTube video I have ever seen that does not have a single dislike. Out of all our differences in life; this right here is where 2.9 million people watched and decided that it did not deserve to get a single dislike. That to me is profound. In some weird way this has restored a little faith in humanity for me.

  4. So that's how English with an Italian accent sound. Food looks great. If tried several restaurants around Emilia Romagna while visiting my brother. I have to say, some of the best food I've eaten to date

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