How Dangerous Is NYC RIGHT NOW?😮 (About the Crime Spike in 2020…)

Let’s discuss the spiking rate of violent crimes (murders and shootings) in New York City during 2020. Is the city safe to visit or move to right now? We’ll look at crime statistics as well as my own personal stories of late living in NYC. Make sure to leave a comment, I want to know what you think!

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  2. Not coming to New York because of safety, but because it voted for Biden. I have life long friends from long Island and they say it sucks anymore because of the 30 and under crowd.

  3. Don't yall have "sex workers"? Here it is a state jail felony they take them directly to the state jail. Blocking the emergency room is also a state jail felony with mandatory 6 months at a state jail. That hitting women for no reason is also a state jail felony.

  4. Masks are only useful as a psychological reassurance but provide no real safety (Effectiveness of Adding a Mask Recommendation to Other Public Health Measures to Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Danish Mask Wearers: A Randomized Controlled Trial: Annals of Internal Medicine: Vol 174, No 3) . Are most people in NY as paranoid over Fluvid?

  5. It's hard to believe when I saw my test results turned negative of HSV2 after using the herbal medications I got from Dr. IGUDIA, A great doctor who I came across on YouTube. You all can also contact him for help on any kind of disease on his YouTube channel

  6. What these liberal communist Democrats are doing is ON PURPOSE CREATING CHAOS and should be treated no different than a PRISON WARDEN EMPTYING a prison and allowing all the criminals loose on the streets. Now I tell you, wouldn't the prison Warden go to prison for unleashing criminals on our streets, criminals that have not served their time or their punishment for the crimes they committed, and wouldn't that Warden be held as an accomplice for every crime committed by the criminals he released? So why aren't the DA prosecutors Governors and Mayors being treated the same way when they released felons like ANTIFA and BLM?
    O and try funding not defunding police !!

  7. I have an excellent solution to stop the crime. And that is, "Politicians that empty prisons releasing violent criminals onto the streets that result in rape, murder and looting. This is to all the DA prosecutors, Governors and Mayors who release violent criminals onto the streets that they will be HELD ACCOUNTABLE as ACCOMPLICES for every CRIME COMMITTED by the PSYCHOPATHS and MONSTERS (CRIMINALS) they released on INNOCENT CIVILIANS. Maybe then they will think twice before EMPTYING PRISONS, OPENING UNSCREENED BORDERS and allowing known FELONS, GANG MEMBERS, HUMAN TRAFFICKERS, PEDOPHILES & RAPISTS loose on INNOCENT AMERICAN CITIZENS.

  8. Nuke nyc, it’s all infected, democrats scumbags socialist agenda. The more free stuff you give the more crime. Hope all the business leave nyc altogether. Let nyc fall. People are suckers living there, they blame the police officers when it’s the political agenda. Fk blm fk antifa, they need a vigilante to clean the streets after all these thugs especially these low life teens

  9. I love these types of New Yorkers who tell you you crime is not bad yet they work/live in Manhattan take an uber/taxi nearly everywhere … home by 11pm or out with 3 or more friends and carpooled uber'd home by 3am, have a 24hr doorman who receives their Amazon pkgs,frequents farmers markets/Whole Foods and Dagostino Supermarkets, waits on line at starbucks or orders in on the app for pickup, rides their bike in central park, rarely if ever take the subway, wouldnt be caught dead in Bushwick/Brownsville,Brooklyn, never been to The Bronx or shop on Fordham Rd. and can be seen on the LIRR,Metro North or going to and from Kennedy or LeGuardia Airport.

  10. They always put politics on this problem let the cop do there real job instead of Killing our brothers n sister damn it cops are scared they come at the end of the shoot out I see that with my eyes 😁🤣🤣is the Truth

  11. This crime reporting is Republican/Policing Propaganda. Yes there are crimes in every city, state county. To understand the crime in NYC and for the Most of the US you have to look at the root of the problem of Crime which stems from current Republican Party(aka conservatives) and their Propaganda. The NYC and Most US Cities were seeded by a government program called RedLining in 1934. The government created a Program for White Americans to own homes and move away from People of Color and Immigrants. This program created the Suburbs(e.g: long Island…). Check the original deeds on suburban homes, they will have provisions that Blacks and Immigrants are not allowed to own property in Suburbs. This was later outlawed by Supreme Court. So what happened to the Blacks and Immigrants? They were placed in the Cities. Most cities including NYC have Housing Projects built on the Outside and away from Large Corporations. The People living in these areas can be describes as the good the bad and the ugly. They normally don't have good schools and limited Jobs. This leads to a life of crime for some. Everyone has to live together. Now, the RedLining Policy created Policing Jobs for White Americans from the Suburbs. They come in the Cities and invoke Havok on ALL Black and Immigrant Communities using Policies instead of Law such as STOP and FRISK. The RedLining Policies are Baked into the REPUBLICAN PARTY. When Republicans are in charge they run Propaganda and violate peoples rights and claim they need more fundings to fight Crime. When the Democrat's are in Charge, they forget the Police Force are Republicans from the SUBURBS. The Police under Democratic control will pull back policing to make it appear Democrats' are doing a Bad Job on crime and the city is falling apart. Cities are now learning about this issue Post Trump. That is why NYC is starting to Focus on where they are Hiring Police Personals. NYC is a GREAT City. In order to deal with issues we need to better understand who is causing issues to bring the City Down. The City needs to Hire Police from within, They need to develop good relations with citizen they police, and budget should be allocated programs to help community thrive. The NYC Police Budget is already 10 Billions dollars and crime seem to be the same. Adding more Money does not correlate to crime reduction. It just means more Suburban Police Officers are getting paid and can afford a 2nd home in Florida. The Problem is not the people its the Policies and Republicans with Racist Mindsets.

  12. You want to solve the problem:
    -Assault with a deadly weapon minimum 20 years no parole.
    -armed robbery minimum of 20 years no parole.
    -Unlawful possession of a firearm 10 years no parole.
    No plea deal, no early parole, no bail.

  13. Hi it’s March. I want to go to NY Manhattan , Brooklyn brox ect to explore. Sight see a little foe my friends sake more than mine . I haven’t been since 2012. I’m sure it’s different . BUT a what’s the same? Let’s focus on that

  14. i only trust number of murders. You cannot compare robbery or other crimes using today's stats. They are cooking the book. In cities today, just "taking" $500 ~ $1000 worth of good is not a crime.

  15. Nights don’t feel as safe now. You’re totally right about that. Nothing’s open after 10 or 11pm. You’re also right about mentally unstable people. I’ve been threatened a couple times in the past couple weeks (completely unprovoked). But overall, crime really isn’t that bad.

  16. I really needed to see this video… A friend was just telling me how dangerous New York is how things are going on on and on and on she went. After looking at this video it bought logic and Common Sense back into reality thank you thank you thank you

  17. NYC is not definitely worst like 80's or 90's, which was a different era. However, the city became one of the safest cities in the world for last 20 years due to proper implementation of law and order, which contributed to safer environment for tourism and economic activities. Thanks to Mayor Carl Marx Blasio, BLM terrorists, defund the police movement and cash free bail system, the city has turned into one of the unsafe American cities.

  18. The 63% of people willing to visit New York City will never go to East Brooklyn or the South Bronx but remain in Manhattan within the safe tourist zones. Never to a crappy neighborhood unless they have a gun.

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