How To Use The Newark EWR Airport AirTrain: NYC to EWR and EWR to NYC

After popular demand of my JFK Airtrain video, I’ve been asked so many times to make a detailed video of using the Newark AirTrain. If you are flying into Newark EWR Airport, did you know there is a convenient way of going from the airport to Manhattan? In this video I will show you how to use the Newark AirTrain. In the first half of the video, we will start at Penn Station in Manhattan. From there we will take the NJ Transit to Newark Liberty International Airport, then take the AirTrain to our terminal. In the second half of the video, we will go from Terminal C to the Newark Intl Airport Station, then take the NJ Transit to Penn Station in NYC.



  1. A superbly created, lucid, user-friendly, preemptively answering all the questions,and a detailed video! Could not have been simplified more! You have done great service to the passengers who want to easily connect with NYC-Manhattan Penn Station from EWR Liberty International Airport! I used to take the Newark Airport Express Bus, but you have delineated an attractive alternative for an (East-) Indian train-buff like me! (Incidentally, I frequently travel from India to the United States on Visiting Professorships and Conference Invitations). Please keep up the Good Work…look forward to seeing many such video-clips!

  2. I know there's a NYC health form I'd need by hand if you're coming from out of state. If I stay in NJ side to go see NYC I don't need it right, even if i'm coming from FL?

  3. In addition to the Northeast Corridor Trains, you can also take the North Jersey Coast Line Trains to the airport station. The single level rail cars on NJTransit have more space than the bi-level rail cars. The single level seat 5 across rather than 4 and have more overhead space on the racks.

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