Hurricane Ida's Remnants Blast NYC, Flooding Subways & Streets

The remnants of Ida slammed the tri-state Wednesday night with fatal results, producing historic rainfall amounts that left millions under a flash flooding emergency, and triggering multiple tornado warnings throughout the night — including for New York City.

Most of New York City is under a Flash Flood Emergency until 11:30 p.m. — with the National Weather Service urging the 9.1 million at-risk people to seek higher ground.

“This is the first time we’ve ever had to issue one,” the National Weather Service office that covers the city tweeted of the emergency declaration.



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  2. Doesn’t anybody know like when things are like this stop depending on the news you have to trust God in every situation that means changing your whole mindset so everybody that’s over there you guys knew that was gonna be a flood you know just like me if it happens over here I’m going straight up on the top of the mountains

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  4. Terrible news! People are suffering from disasters… It's a period of 12000 year cyclicity we are living in. How to survive and what is the way out are discussed at the International online conference "Global crisis. This already affects everyone", organized by volunteers from 180 countries.

  5. This IS NOT global warming it is The Deep State and Cabal using the whether manipulation machinery to cause this to be extreme and unprecedented they know that the audit are close to being revealed and so they got to cause destruction as well as distraction from people waiting for the audits and other truth that is coming out about governor Murphy on the nursing home debacle and how he killed all of those old people in the nursing home…..’Ponder that.🤔😱🤔

  6. I'm from sAint Charles parish Louisiana and our whole parish was ravished by ida almost Katrina all over again . So many of us lost everything. My family was blessed we had minor damage but slot of my friends and neighbors lost it all. The electrical companies and state officials are acting very slow to help us get power good excetera .it's been a week and a half and it's still like day 1. No power poles n trees still down. Still long ass lines for food gas and more where is our help

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