I Lived On The Average NYC Income For A Month

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In this video, Test Lab host Cindy tries living on the average NYC budget for a month, and shows everything she budgets for and spends!

Whether through attempting a no-spend challenge, switching up a budget system, or tracking progress on a new healthy routine, we’ll be highlighting all the risks *and* rewards of frugal living.

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  1. That's reeeally not realistic. First there is not a family involved like most people. Second there are a lot of variables that can happen during the year not only a month.

    I believe you can make it, just not that fine. Maybe if you could test it for like a year, this test wouldn't be flawed in so many ways.

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  3. I don't know who needs to hear this but stop saving all your money in the bank. Learn some new skills and lnvest your money if you want financial freedom…Of course having multiple streams of lncome is remunerative means to build wealth.

  4. One of the dangers of using people with an established platform and well-paying career for these types of videos is they don't end up being realistic. Could TFD reach out to smaller youtubers in the city who might actually be making the amounts of money mentioned in this video (or less, as even considering "average" to mean "mean," few sources cite the mean NYC salary to be 64K or higher) to do any future videos like this? That is, if there are any future TFD videos about living on certain salaries in certain cities.

  5. How long does it take to learn and make money after you get going? I might to try it out in the future maybe? Still kinda hesitant about it because i don't know all the ends and outs pros and cons.

  6. Somehow I survived living in NYC making less than $30,000 a year, but this video's making me weep at that average income. I'd have been so much more comfortable at that salary.😂

  7. Don’t understand everyone’s issue with this video. She used the average household income in NYC which may not be some ppls income but it is the average. Most people i know in NYC live with roommates or their romantic partners and split living costs. Medical coverage would be through an employer which would have a copay and may not require a monthly fee. Average is the key word here, not medium or lower income

  8. I think some of the confusion in the comments is the mean vs median income. The mean is going to be higher because of so many disproportionately high earners in NYC and that is closer to 70k for a single person.

  9. Wait, a two-bedroom for $2400? 🤣🤣🤣 where? Impossible to find without living in a very dangerous neighborhood or really outside of Manhattan (which ends at 110th street really )

  10. Great information! I have wanted to start a savings' fund for Christmas and travel and this has been very inspirational. Would love to know a bit more: where do you save these into, would you recommend having a separate savings account? TIA

  11. Very modest lifestyle and unrealistically low expenses. Like health insurance? An $8 Uber ride? Lunch for $11? Double everything for a real average cost, seriously.

  12. About the unexpected physical therapy copay – do NOT immediately pay something like this, instead immediately respond by asking for an itemization. It’s possible that the copay was paid already but the accounting is flawed

  13. Really interesting, I live in London and my salary is probably the sterling equivalent. Would be interesting to see if you'll repeat this in July to see if your budget has changed!

  14. its great that she is doing well. but i feel like most of the examples ive seen on here is from a income that is higher than other new yorkers can managed. I would like to see videos of examples of people with lower incomes and how they budget and manage and invest.

  15. This was so good and informative! Thank you for sharing. I love your ideas and approach. So many different tidbits to take away.
    Every situation is different & unique.

    For some of the negative takeaways & commentary:
    Hopefully, people can look beyond their personal financial frustrations and take something positive from this….Apply what is relative to their own circumstances.

    And btw you can find great deals in Wholefoods compared to local supermarkets. I can easily spend $5 for an Orange juice from the local supermarket or bodega and spend $3 for one at Wholefoods… just one of many. Do your homework peeps. 🙂

    Again thanks for the free content!!!

  16. I may be old fashioned but I don't understand the concept of each partner budgeting separately instead of pooling their income and working out the budget. Secondly, in this example she is not really budgeting for $64,000 because she hasn't included her partner's salary. This makes a big difference in the budget and allows for going over budget because there is more income to over it. Also, $300 is a low ball budget for food for 2 over the month especially since food costs have skyrocketed due ti inflation. The main point which is good, is that we have to be accountable for where our money is actually going and exercising restraint when spending for unnecessary or frivolous things.
    To answer your question, yes I hibernate for Jan. and Feb. and spend less because generally Christmas just went by and we usually get gifts we're still enjoying. Then in April I may start to buy things for spring and summer.

  17. Hm.. $64,000 is not bad. Maybe I'm biased because I've lived on $48,000 in New York and hung out with even poorer hipsters. I also did not contribute to my 401K and had no heath insurance. It was not the most comfortable living condition, but not bad compared to a lot of other people. I spent too much money on food and coffee but still had some savings leftover.

  18. Nice idea but seems a bit unrealistic. Bottom line is you can’t survive in NY unless you rely on a second income. As a single person it is difficult at that income level to even pay rent. Maybe show someone who is single on this budget or more single people who live on their own would be good to see how they do it.

  19. I live in NYC and make $45K. My grocery budget is $300/month. I also have a gym membership. I don't eat out regularly, and if I do have to travel I walk or take public transit. I'm saving for retirement and I have a savings account but there's no way I'd be putting in that much.

  20. Totally random but cell phone bills seem so expensive in the US! I imagine her bill is probably higher than average (and she is paying for two lines), but still! As a Londoner, a cell phone bill like that would be practically unheard of!

  21. I think the criticisms on this video is a bit unfair. Yes the title could be more forthcoming that 2 people are sharing expenses. However, going to Whole Foods and having good food shouldn’t be a luxury. I think if shopping at a store that is more expensive brings you joy and you can afford it, go for it. For the $20 she spends on delivery. how much time does that save her versus having to go to the store. Sometimes you need that time more than that $20. And she said she doesn’t shop there every week.

  22. It's reeeaaaally interesting to see this! Thank you for sharing! I live in Germany and with 64000/a let alone 200000/a I could live like a queen compared to now. (I'm on social support, hopefully not for long) 😄 Thank you for so much transparency.

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