INSIDE a $4800 Jaw-Dropping NYC Luxury Apartment | 50 Floors Up

Check out this Stunning Luxury apartment and it’s amazing views in a 57 floor full-service building with 24hr doorman/concierge and imagine what it would be like to live in lower Manhattan in an apartment like this! The building is located on Washington street and is a W Residence built on top of a W Hotel, so you know its nice 💎. Whoever moves in here would have an experience few get to enjoy, including me cause its not my place. Let me know what you think!

You can have a distance meter just like the one I use in the video. *Dont tour an apartment without one:

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  1. It is really nice. My one knock is that it doesn't have a dining room. Even laid out for presentation, the "dining room" furniture is literally bumping into the living room space. I would just have a really nice dining room table and make it something you could sit around to entertain.

  2. that window shelf in the bathroom would be the perfect spot for..

    A shrine to your god!….I may have been binge watching your videos a bit to much 🙂

  3. Cash, do you know offhand if this glorious apartment is available currently? I can imagine that it was scooped up quickly after you dropped this post. When you think about it, at $4,800 a month, it could actually be a steal for all the great things it offers. Thank you sir.

  4. this is the best appartment i have seen so far!!! love the videoes btw <3 keep up the good work! (sorry if my english is bad hahah) hey from Norway 🙂

  5. Am I the only one who keeps waiting for a Stefon list?
    This place has everything: Kiwis, Spud Webb, Clio Awards, some guy’s mom, and a Russian guy who runs on the treadmill in a Cosby sweater. Look who just walked in — it’s a lady who works at CVS, but do not bother her because she is on break. And all the proceeds go to charity — flaccid outreach group Doctors Without Boners.

  6. Damn it bud I told myself after getting out of the Orange/L.A. area I grew up in that I’d pick a cheap place to live after the Army but every week you’re selling me more and more on NYC Lol 😅

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