Inside a $67M NYC Mansion with an Entire Spa Floor | On the Market | Architectural Digest

Join NYC real estate broker Richard Steinberg for a tour of a $67M New York City mansion. This Upper East Side building features an indoor spa floor with pool and massage room, a 3-story indoor glass atrium and outdoor spaces on each of the 6 floors.

12 East 63rd Street listing:

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Inside a $67M NYC Mansion with an Entire Spa Floor | On the Market | Architectural Digest



  1. "can you imagine how stressfull it must be having to live in this big luxurious house with a bigass swimming pool with its own gym, theatre and outdoor living" yea me too

  2. This place is SURREAL. Imagine all of that space in one house/penthouse….in NYC at that. Amazing. 7 bedrooms. A private pool. And that outdoor rooftop is ….WOW! This is a mansion in the sky for sure. Dreamy…..oh to be a billionaire.

  3. This house strikes me as way too business-like, especially the basement with the bar area and the spa message area, makes me feel like it's a hotel. If I am looking for a townhouse in NYC, I will be looking for something that's cozier that makes me feel like it's a home.

  4. Being a estate agent showing billionaires around multi million dollar abodes IS THE EASIEST JOB IN THE GALAXY…these arse kissing bum licking sickly bullshitters don't sell a thing…the buildings sell themselves …they just wait for there % and a tissue to wipe there mouths

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