Inside a Micro NYC Apartment from the Future (250sqft) | Tiny Spaces

This week’s episode of Tiny Spaces features a special collaboration with Ori, making the furniture of the future and multiplying space using robotics.

About Ori:
“Our goal is to empower people to live large in a small footprint. We believe spaces should expand and adapt to our lives, that smarter spaces can provide us with the flexibility we need, and deliver the experience we want, by transforming effortlessly—almost magically.”



  1. I think if people want electric moving bed, they'll buy a more spacious apartment… So the market is not right. Somehow the furniture feels like "cheating" :p

  2. No one should live in 250sq.ft. Housing is just becoming way too expensive for most people to be able to live a decent life. Glamouring this is not helping.

  3. All wonderful! Love that they took power outages into consideration and I would love to see it operated manually.

  4. Curious of the benefits of smarter space usage for larger places too! This thinking doesn't have to be applies solely to shoebox apartments, especially in the WFH era!

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