Inside NYC's Fascinating Gang History | Mobs, Murder, and More

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WARNING: If you are not comfortable with dark history (murder/gangs/drug abuse/etc.) then I don’t recommend watching this video.
Join tour guide Marcus and me as we explore Chinatown’s secret underground tunnels and take a step back in time to the 1800s when this area was the most dangerous place in the world to live in. The vast majority of New Yorkers are kind and loving people. The stories we share in this video are what happened in the past and do not happen anymore today. In addition, the Asian American community has unfortunately experienced violence lately and if you come to NY this community is currently one of the most vibrant. It is one of my favorite areas! Check out my guide on all the cool things to do here:

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00:00 – Intro
00:47 – Doyer’s Street aka The Bloody Angle
05:07 – $35 Million Dollars Buried here?
06:30 – Secret underground tunnels
08:57 – The Five Points

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  1. Funny cool video..but if shes shocked by old doors with graffiti, flies and drywall on the floor, why is she trying to cover the topic of gangs n murders lol I'd love 2see her go certain parts of the Bronx to "do research" on current gangs n murders omg shed clutch her pearls n quit her job n move back home 2watever state she came from lol

  2. “Inside nycs secret underground tunnels” (actual footage) at what point did you ever go into or around a secret tunnel? Why didn't you just title it “inside gangs of New York”

  3. Such a great video, loved all the fun stories! Also just had an awesome "Secrets of New York" tour with @radiomarcus Marcus Hillman! He took us on such an engaging and fun tour of the Financial District and oldest part of New York, and really gave us a comprehensive history of how it all started. Federal Reserve, New York Stock Exchange, the oldest commerce district, Brooklyn Bridge, cool hidden parks and passageways, the inspiring and sobering 9/11 memorial, and the beautiful Irish Immigrant Memorial. Marcus is SO fun, funny and engaging, combining history and present fun facts, and great pop culture music, celeb and present day stories too. He is an on-air radio personality and kept us laughing with references to celebs, movies, music and more as we went along. Marcus is a fantastic tour guide and we know a heck of a lot more about the fascinating story of New York City now. We also know we have another buddy in the city now, which is always a great thing! Thanks Marcus, see you next time!

  4. The security guy and most of NY Chinatown speak toisan and Cantonese not mandarin. Flushing Chinatown is where most of the mandarin speaking Chinese people are. NY Chinatown history is mostly toisan. Please correct that in the future.

  5. Most of NYC Chinatown speaks Cantonese, Toi San dialect, Fukanese and now Vietnamese not much Mandarin or at least not first choice dialect.

  6. Love this video! Such a great idea for historical tours. This would be great content for teachers too! Marcus is a real character both on and off the radio.

  7. Informative, obviously Marcus knows his stuff. Made it interesting throwing out all the interesting details and tidbits that aren’t commonly known. Marcus demonstrates passion for his subject area.

  8. I was on the Secrets of New York tour with Marcus just the other day, now I want to talk around EVERY neighborhood with him!! I was blown away with the layers of the city he was able to pull back and explain for my group and I. When I travel I love getting to know the history of an area and especially enjoy getting to know the grittier details. More mob videos PLEASE!!

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