Inside One of NYC’s Most Unique Hotels With Beautiful Views: Millenium Hilton Downtown NYC

I had the opportunity to reside at one of NYC’s most prestigious hotels as a frontline healthcare worker during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In my opinion, this hotel has the best views of Lower Manhattan and Financial District because of where the building was built and the direction the rooms faced. The first half of the video will guide you through the main lobby up to the 16th floor facing the Hudson River, which is the first room I stayed at. The second half will showcase a junior suite on the corner of the 37th floor facing north (midtown) and the Hudson River. That corner is my favorite in the building and there is nothing like waking up to panaromic breathtaking views of Manhattan.

This is certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity and as I checked out of the hotel, I certainly had a feeling of accomplishment or getting a check off the bucket list!

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  1. Finally someone who turns the damn lights off when showing the view lol. I’ve watched so many videos where they’re like "and here’s the view from my window" and all you can see is someone standing in the reflection holding a phone or camera with all the lights on around them. Well done.

  2. We first stayed there a few weeks before 9/11 with the kids. Since then (once the area reopened), my wife and I spend 7 or 8 weekends a year in NY, and always at the Millennium Hilton Downtown. Not only is it a great hotel (you should experience it with some of the furloughed staff, like Bobby and Seth), it's in a perfect location: vibrant during the day and evening, quiet at night, amazing views and steps from every conceivable transportation direction. I mean, you're literally 20 minutes from midtown and 15 minutes from the best parts of Brooklyn. And of course, the rooms are comfortable, attractive and spacious for the Big City. We always get a high room facing the Hudson.

    I was there about a week after you posted this – I was alone on a business trek from Boston, so without my wife watching I had one of those massive Real Deal soft serves from that truck. Sadly, so many businesses are still suffering from the pandemic. The sea of daily workers has all but vanished from he plaza, and the lack of tourists is startling. But I noticed a ton of construction going on, and that's keeping Nick and his son Nick over at the Stage Door Deli busy. I hope you're able to return and experience the hotel when the new normal goes back to being the normal normal.

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