Is it time to leave NYC?

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  1. WOW! Almost $4,000 dollars you pay for rent in NYC. You better keep making those beautiful vlogs and get a side hustle. lol! I would lose my mind. Great video! Thanks. Columbus, Ohio USA❤

  2. I live in NYC doing art / photography & I don't really know any "woke" people. I do see them sometimes screaming in the street but most people I know don't talk about politics or are polite if it's brought up.

  3. People romanticize New York way more than they need to. Not saying this in a mean way. I live here as well 😮. But I think I’m just over the prices at this point. Dallas & Houston were ok . But nyc is up it’s own ass way too much.

  4. people giving me backlash because of my own beliefs is really a mood…… I've had friends tell me I'm wasting my potential because I said I want to be a SAHM and Housewife. It's an annoying conversation which is why I tend to just not tell people some of my dreams anymore…..

  5. Haha love this… I don't usually comment, but I laughed out loud at the comment about not feeling comfortable in woke cities because 100% agree, so accurate. Wokeness is very divisive. But also love that you're not running from that, and you're facing it head on and being true to yourself!

  6. It was great listening to your mind. I live in the Hudson Valley just north of nyc, but a part of my dream was to live or have a place to live in nyc at some point. I’ve been back and forth since childhood, worked there, and just about lived there for two years. NY has a special magic to it, and it is refreshing to listen to you and read the comments from others who understand and have fallen into the poetic facets and paradoxes in that city. It seems to be the mecca to reach one’s ultimate self for many because exposure to so much in just one day regularly often results in a special kind of growth you cannot experience anywhere else.

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