It’s Over… NYC Isn’t Getting Better

New York City is heading in the wrong direction and there’s no sign things will turn around any time soon. Unfortunately, the big apple has big problems and that makes it tough for average / normal people to call New York their home. What will happen to NYC? Can it ever recover?

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  1. NYC is dead. Companies do not need to pay the rediculous overhead for an NYC office, every bar and restauraunt is over priced, rent is silly for a small hotel room sized living area, no privacy. Nobody is flocking to go to NYC these days. Also good luck getting service when ourpricing the service industry workers.

  2. New York is the capital of the world indeed but I'll never understand why people are willing to pay absurd amounts of $ on rent to live in a shoe box and even worse not knowing if you're going to get jumped/ or even killed when out and about. This is why Florida will always remain king the money you spend in rent you get in return by feeling safe and having good space to enjoy at home.

  3. NY is facing problems no doubt but this video is complete clickbait — it's over? Really? Because times square wasn't super busy on some random cold day?

    Just go to Bryant park alone these more recent weeks now weather is nicer — could barely move around without bumping into people.

    I know won't stop internet people who weirdly get off on disliking NYC from getting dopamine high, but to others just ignore this video — reality is more complicated.

  4. this video is so incredibly tone deaf. You start the video in times square then bryant park and talk to your expensive about how crime is so bad, in park/areas that used to be filled with crime, and most people I know say they wouldn’t go there. Then you talk about how cracking down on people hopping turnstiles will be good for making the “safer”. What kind of people are you talking about, people who don’t have the money for a metro ticket but still need to commune, why do you vilify impoverished people who are trying to get around NY just like you are? Then go on to talk about how high rents are making it hard for people to live in nyc, extremely hypocritical as a rental agent yourself, but i understand you don’t control those prices.

  5. Thanks for sharing this video..Slowly, over that last few days, you have helped me define My/NYC. I want to move back from Texas, but it's hard…I will more than likely move back into my old office building and start my life from there…not worried about work, but maybe I should…

  6. Leave.

    Tired of you lecherous transplants always complaining…BEAT it, princess! You can't MAKE it here. Funny, we have 80 year-olds that make it here. Go back to Mayberry, we'll be fine, I promise you.

    Here's a hint: as long as we have the Stock Exchange, Fish market, and, fussy tourists like you…we'll be fine, sweetheart.

    SCRAM! 😂

  7. That is one reason why I became one of the lesser creators and created my own universe in which i spend time living on one of the planets. There one that planet, is a better version of NYC that is more affordable and isn't such a tough place to live, unlike the one on here on this much-crapper planet Earth. Goodbye, Planet Earth, I don't need anymore of your bullcrap. Hello, Planet E404! You're my new reality.

  8. At 05:21 … it's been my understanding that ALL North American elevators have the close button disabled. ADA requires the door close button to not function during normal operation.

  9. Tbh I’m not fretting midtown kinda needs a makeover. That just means everyone working remote that used to commute to midtown that are probably living uptown or brooklyn and queens are putting more money into their local economy and these imo way more attractive neighborhoods are seeing more of that money than the giant Starbucks in Times Square lmao. That’s a GOOD thing. Also you’ve been in NY 10 years so right when it got better because there was a massive crime wave about 12-15 years ago when Bloomberg imposed the very very very unconstitutional stop and frisk law. So you don’t know danger in NY tbh crime is up as of rn for sure but down overall from the late 2000s mid 90s and way down from the 70s-80s

  10. All of the young kids from out of state who come here with nothing and room together with roommates to pay for exorbitant rent are the problem. They’re giving landlords the reason to continue raising rent.

  11. Perhaps turn offices into hostels for people on streets an give them resources an education perhaps they can do all the work since all the privys ran off to pl Philadelphia

  12. This is gentification karma its harder for priviledge people maybe invest in communities in need rather than taking from them! In every major metropolitan area over the past 20 years people have been put on streets lowering their quality of life because of gentrification! Among other things than throw covid now noone wants to invest because people did not take time to study nature they just cut.away at it each time it grew wild

  13. Fake NYers leaving….. I love it. Bring down the real estate and rents!! Its damn near impossible to be a native nyer and stay living in this city especially if your a city worker which you have to live here. Bring the nyc culture back. I never thought ot can get worse than deblasio but Adam's is horrible.

  14. Too many rich people from elsewhere buy up property and they make way too expensive for the rest of us . The people who buy all this really estate got rich overseas ,don't pay taxes in Canada or USA then if they want to escape they bring in their money and get a safe haven when they get overthrown in their countries .ie if some dictator gets overthrown they'll come to Canada or USA to all those co dos orhoyses they bought up .

  15. Cash —

    I lived in or near New York City until 1980, when I moved to the Mountain West. I fully understand all that your saying. I've enjoyed your videos, as it gives me a return to the city that was once home.

    You're RIGHT — it ISN'T getting better! Thanks for all your work doing this. My best to your and your family. Stay safe!

  16. This is really going to mess with the idiotic progressives plan to destroy suburbs and force us into Cabrini-Green hives. They won't be happy till we are all on subways and trapped in high rises like the screaming Chinese who are starving in their insta-prisons.

  17. I love New York and I hope the city can turn things around. My wife has never been there and I want to take her but with the high crime rate and so many things closed there is no way I would consider it. With so many renters not having to pay rent during the Covid-19 lockdown do you think the landlords are trying recoup the money they lost?

  18. Getting on the train for free doesn't make it more expensive for everyone else. What happened to the rise of inflation see the rise in inflation is when prices go up because of the power source that they use cost more the materials they used to repair cost more so they just squeeze it out of the little guy or girl be real about things

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