Jake + OTW Dave – Onewheel XR Ride – Downtown NYC Loop

Jake and Dave ride through lower Manhattan!

OTW shirts from www.onetrickwheel.com



  1. The tire that Jake rides looks extremely fun. I think thats the kind of bouncy, round tire I would like to ride on my OneWheel too, since I am looking to buy a treaded tire. What tire is this?

  2. Wow what a cool cruise! What's your average or general speeds on these city carving rides? Seems like everyone wants to just got balls out fast but they're missing out on the twisty turny life, you two got it right!

  3. This is so sick. Dig how it vibes with the music too. Groove and flow 🤙🏼 Would love to see Leary sidewalk surf on a Pint! Can you do a video on a Pint?! 🙏🏼

  4. Jake: I’m a long-time viewer of your content, and a big-time fan. You’re an ambassador to the OneWheel community. With that said, please be a positive example, and wear a helmet in your videos.

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