1. If that was back in the day she would have taken a shinner hard as fuck and the response would have been "oops, you were in my way.".

  2. Why didn't he just stop skating when she walked up?

    Start again when she left?

    I mean if shes couched there saying shes got all day and won't leave, it's fucked anyway. Anything you do to her with passive action like letting the board hit her or kicking it at her will get you because you're "endangering a pedestrian by skating in a no skate area." (Presumed based on the notion that's the only way she'd be this brave).

    Just troll her back and put skate on pause for 20 minutes or so to do so?

    She's a Karen. What do you expect?

    Bring a spray bottle next time, no joke.

    Spritz in the face spritz in the face

    "No, Karen. No. That's a bad Karen."

  3. here Karen is too over-acting, because she feels she has done good things but only in front of the screen.. to look better in front of the camera.. .even though what is being done is very uncontrollable.. being nice is not just having a camera, but being normal and not needing to upset other people, that's better.

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