Living Cheap – Tiny NYC Apartment Tour ($600/month)!

This is a tour of a $600 NYC minimalist apartment in Lower Manhattan (Chinatown). I hope this video shows you guys that living cheap in NYC is possible! The cost is just $600/month (per roommate) and it is 300 sq feet (30m2) in size (room is 75sq. feet/ 7m2). Insta: iamlivingbobby



  1. * Advice Please * I am in NYC now. Does anyone have any advice on where and how to find an apt like this? Any help would be appreciated! Rents in NYC are going through the roof now! 🙁

  2. Want more space? Put a bed on top of where your door swings out. This is really not a good use of space at all. To get good ideas about space look at what RV people do. They are resourceful out of necessity.

  3. Damn, $600 for a one room apartment with a common space you must share with a random person? In perspective I live in a large one room apartment, (45,6 m²), in Stockholm, Sweden, and I also pay 600$ and I don't share it with anyone. The room in the video look like a cheap motel and asking me a Swede it is not worth the cost. If I were to look for a similar space in Sweden to share with someone I barely have to pay $100.

  4. so this is how Bobbys journey started or is it a bit later than the start? its very different than the videos now in terms of editing and stuff too :O but damn is 600$ low price over there? woah D:

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