Man Dies After Bar Fight In Queens, NYC Firefighter Arrested

A fight behind a bar in Queens turned deadly early Saturday morning, and a New York City firefighter is now facing charges; CBS2’s Cory James reports.



  1. Sad way to go out. Lonely guy goes to his regular bar, some younger drunk imbecile starts in on him and lonely guy aint having it. Unfortunately he dies in the ensuing brawl. Now he cant take care of his pets nor live the quite life he had all because he crossed paths with a violent drunk.

  2. There have been a few times were some guys really pissed me off where I wanted to beat the shit out of them, but I walked away from them all even though I felt like shit. After a day, I didn't care anymore.

  3. why don't people realize that if you get into a fight someone can get seriously injured and even die. You may cause someone to be seriously hurt and then you will end up going to jail for attempted murder. all because you got so drunk that you couldn't control your emotions and someone made some small comment to you. then you will be sitting in prison cell regretting your actions and thinking damn i should have listened to my parents when they told me always do the right thing and stay away from trouble

  4. Dumb YT ads, "Tell your lawmaker to protect our rights to vote how we choose!", as they tell us we have the "right" to mail our ballots in, HINT HINT, it's no longer a choice, when they are indicating a particular path we should take. Mail in votes is exactly what they want, because a lot of corruption can occur through this method. The actual constitution states "election by ballot", not mail in votes.

  5. I have a coworker who's son is in jail right now for beating a cop in a bar in NY, luckily he did not die. This is why you control the amount you drink and walk away from trouble.

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