1. @DialDaSiGa – 200 yrs ago the classical format of manipuri dance was created under a heavy Vaishnavite influence that came from bengal .. and almost all the songs have a Meitei and Brajabuli/Bengali/Sanskrit version and recordings of the Meitei versions are rare because in Manipur they like to sing everything live . But currently there is a strong revival going on for the old language and if you listen carefully the song portion in the dance above is in Manipuri language.

  2. @DialDaSiGa Wearing ghungoor in classical Manipuri is not a new tradition , but lets say it is very Gharana/School /Guru specific , but effort is made to keep it simple and the sound of the ghongoor low ..as you know manipuri dance prohibits any strong foot stumping . About the songs , the version that she is dancing to if you listen carefully( the song portion that is in Meitei ( Manipuri) ..and yes this is a very controversial topic.

  3. What I fail to understand is when have the Manipuri (Dance) Dancers started wearing Ghungroo and when did this transformation of using Hindi or Sansrkit songs instead of Manipuri ( Language) happen??
    I personally believe any Classical form should not be used a guinea pig to experiment with.
    I loathe this progression and should be discouraged.

  4. Mickela, thank you for posting! After attending all of the Indo-American Arts Council's presentations at Downtown Battery Dance Festival since 2008 I missed it this year. Grateful that i could see it on your channel! It's one of the best summer dance experiences in New York!

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