MASSIVE $2000 Downtown NYC Apartment with GREAT Manhattan Views!

This Downtown NYC Apartment has Insane Views and is Shockingly Affordable (By NYC Standards). It’s in an Elevator building right by the train and surrounded by Local Cafes and Shops unique to Lower Manhattan New York. Does this count as a “Luxury Nyc apartment”? Not really, but its close and the space is DEFINITELY there. Check out this Downtown NYC apartment tour and let me know what you think of the downtown nyc views!

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  1. OK, so what’s the catch? $2000 for a really decent, spacious one-bedroom downtown in an elevator building? There’s gotta be a catch. Is the floor above rented by a tap-dance school? Does it not have hot water? I’m not a New Yorker but it seems to me that it’d be a great place to live if you worked in the financial district. After seeing some of the hellholes you’ve shown that rent for close to the same amount, this looks like a steal!

  2. Did I catch a key in the bedroom door. That would be a very nice feature a two-bedroom if you're going to share it period with someone that you just picked out. It kind of gives you a private apartment and then you use common areas! I think this building has a lot of good things going for but still hang up the phone they will never change. Great job keep up the good work

  3. That is NOT a walk in closet. You should be able to walk into the closet when stuff is in it – not when it’s empty. It’s really annoying when realtors try so hard to exaggerate “features”, so that nothing they say means anything anymore. “Loft” or “Loft-like” shows up everywhere and only means “empty”, when it used to mean large with high ceilings, and a “walk-in closet” now apparently means when it’s empty you can duck under the bar and fit your body inside. Stuff like that just makes realtors seem deceptive.

  4. I just moved to Williamsburg from my Manhattan apartment I lived in for 7 years. But then I look at my exposed brick wall, my vast bedroom with 10-ft. ceilings, my own bathroom in this two-bedroom, two-bath apartment, and the lack of constant traffic and helicopter noises in my neighborhood, and I am at peace with my decision. I do miss living in Manhattan, however, being in the center of everything.

  5. Great light and views! The one bedroom was probably slightly better than those weird narrow long chopped bedrooms in the 2 bedroom, but both are a good price, especially for 2 people! Also, location isn't that far from the west Village.

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