1. Now because I am a millionaire I cant have McDonald's. But FUCK SHIT, if you have been watching me since I was a child (like my babysitter) you would know MILLIONS HAVE BEEN SPENT RAISING ME, perhaps. You can see I cant have McDonalds. But you cant see that my family and I have spent MILLIONS raising me! Is that correct?!

  2. back then everything was great, no need for masks walk in heards and stuff so much freedom,now everything has gone bad.

    Damn it Corona!

  3. you have a unique opportunity, to have a personal experience with Jesus, everything, in this life will pass but his words are not, he is real, do you want to try?

  4. you better off ordering on the kiosk, if it's full of people waiting at the cashiers. Because your orders going to be first than anybody waiting in that line. trust me, I was a cashier for McDonald's

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