MOVING INTO MY FIRST APARTMENT IN NYC | unloading & unpacking, setting things up, building furniture

Move into my very first apartment with me in New York City / week in my life of unpacking, shopping, setting things up, & more 🏙📦
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  1. The end touched my heart. I helped my daughter move into her first place also, and at-three in the morning she called crying and lone,y.
    I drove two hours to get to her. We ended up doing this five times until she got to feeling like she could handle being alone. Then we
    went to using our iPad each morning to start her day. It took six months and then there came that day she didn’t contact me. I celebrated
    by sending her cookies and a lot of goodies I knew she loved. She waited a few days to contact me, but she said she needed to get to
    where she could call without crying! That my dear, is love. We can be all grown up, and still need Moms. We still often laugh about the adjustment period. Now she has two children heading to college. I told her to get ready! Lol. She said, no,,,I’m going to tell them to go to the expert of adjusting
    And that’s you. Lol. I hope you are happy and at home in your new nest. Be good to yourself. And it’s ok to cry now and then for what was. I know
    your Mom is proud of ♥️♥️🙋‍♀️🕊🙏

  2. So happy for you❤️ Atleast in the us u can move out easier where I live there are almost no apartments for rent and it’s hard if u going alone where I live🥺

  3. Omg im literally so late but im so proud of you!!! Ive been watching you forever and im so excited to see the new journeys you will go through. Congrats!!! 🎈

  4. I love how you're all rocking the Penn State Gear, I'm a Penn stater too. I'm so glad I came upon your channel cause I don't get bored of watching your videos.

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