New York City Is Getting Worse…

I Love NYC, but its time we had a heart-to-heart on some of the reasons this city continues heading in a less than favorable direction. I remain optimistic that things in the New York will improve as time goes on. After all, NYC has a new mayor, and the State of New York has a new governor. Check out this video on the state of NYC and let me know what you think!

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  1. When the stores leave the only source of income for them is the peoples stuff …police are not looking for suspects Everytime I see police they are looking at their phone or talking to eachother I once stop a police car for help and they told me to call 911 because they go only where they are sent but I already called the cops and waited 25minutes but because it was a housing dispute they just don't care I was illegally locked out and police don't care they think is legal. One day im going back there for blood

  2. Yeah I graduated from school so I no longer have to travel to the city unless I gotta take my exam or buy something important but I definitely dont feel safe anymore in the bronx or nyc

  3. i hear NY is so bad the rapist gets raped and the government still considers raping people as job employment and taxable income even as an entrepreneur.

  4. Not for me , you are welcome to what seems to be a decaying pile of excrement, you are making money selling rentals okay but when you add up the cost on your daughter and indeed your wife and you, it ain't worth it , besides a nice and capable guy like you will make it anywhere ( pun intended ) stop chasing coloured pieces of paper , as your wife said '
    " IT IS SO EXPENSIVE " and that was an orange

  5. Tourists are coming here saying " I visited NYC I felt safe!" Susan you visited the gentrified areas not Bronx, Harlem, and South Jamaica Queens stop it. I'm in South Jamaica it's freaking horrible they shot in my car port 6 times tried to steal my neighbors truck. Been 3 months I have PTSD at 3am because of the shooting it happened next to my 8yr son's bedroom. I have got to get out of here.

  6. The mayor is an idiot! Maybe he shouldn't tell people to go back to their home state because they took it literally. You want good stuff wait until the garbage gets put out on the street! I find fabulous furniture and appliances in the trash. New Yorkers are never afraid to get rid of things! In fact I would tell anyone who ever moved to New York don't bring your furniture cuz they're going to find plenty of it!

  7. Well sir, looking at your channel, you should not have to move as youtube is your business of choice probably more than real estate but doing both should suffice.

  8. Gotta wonder how much of the crazy rise in crime in recent years is due to COVID-19 and people losing their jobs/having mental health issues.

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