1. If you're interested in hearing the prices & sales pitches for some of these vacant places, check out the following. Some of the greatest hits include a 2200 sq ft space for $75,000/month.. a month.


    The entire playlist of me looking for a new store & walking through them with commercial realtors can be found here. It's something else… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eslf2kxKB40&list=PLkVbIsAWN2lvKojYIchFhwXQq-nX09K2u

  2. 10:33 louis you are truly the best youtuber out there by doing that. not giving the money but not rcording it and making a show of it. you just say someone and gave them that. that's what a real fucking human should be doing. that shit urks me every time i see it on a video.

  3. Regarding the place at 7:38 – back when I still went to the office there was a little spa like this next to the entrance to my office building on West 33rd. Walked past it every day. One day a bring yellow sign is up saying this place is closed due to prostitution. To think this place was probably under surveillance and maybe there are photos of me in front of it walking past – oh no!

  4. If they're only rubbing your foot and your back, no wonder they went out of business…

    But seriously, you're contrasting the Cash Jordan videos I watch for the entertainment value. Initially, I started watching for the schadenfreude of someone paying six grand for a East Village phonebooth that someone's passing off as a studio apartment. But sometimes, it's genuinely funny. "Does it have a sink sprayer?" may become "Does it have a butt sprayer? (bidet)".

    This video makes New York look worse than Newport News. There is a strip mall that was built in the '80s or so on what had once been a drive in theater. Right now, it is completely vacant, save for a mattress store and a check cashing place. This strip mall would honestly be about one block of what you covered. Buildings in that city that remain unoccupied for too long have a tendency to be torn down, including some spectacular early 20th century architecture. And anything torn down in downtown is lives a new life as parking for the hordes that work in the shipyard. I'd lived in that downtown for seventeen years, so I've a good idea about it.

    I'd love to see your view of East Village, especially contrasted with one of Cash's videos.

    Even with all the scaffolding, I'd be careful if there were ever a real readjustment in real estate values in NYC. Aside from brokers jumping from whatever floor (the scaffolding might save you), you'd have to deal with what a newly reduced tax base will bring in services, or more accurately, not bring.

  5. I think that the rich are trying to kill the average little people making a living while they play their real estate games. America has completely abandoned it's responsibility and duty towards the citizenry.

  6. I'm not terrible familiar with NY…but even if they lowered the rent prices, would businesses move in? If I wanted to start a business, I wouldn't be rushing to put it in a city where they have shown that they can decide they're gonna close everything up and you're fucked.

  7. Wow, here in Brighton, UK, a lot of places closed after the 2008/9 crash, but thankfully business is thriving at the moment, there's only 1 shop front I can think of in town that closed and up for rent. NYC looks like a wasteland. I actually feel proud seeing that we've come through the virus and our businesses have mostly managed to stay open. Biden is destroying your country and what we've heard about your Mayor(oops edit, meant your govenor cuomo) makes NYC sound like a sh1tsh0w. And his brother having his own TV show were he blags the family line, pure corruption, worse than any soviet state.

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