NYC APARTMENT HUNT! Touring Luxury Studios in Brooklyn


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Hey kids! I’m Kristee, a 25 year old recent grad who just moved to NYC. On my channel you’ll find fun lifestyle, travel, and fitness videos, plus anything else I want to document in this video diary of my life along the way!

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Enjoy this NYC Apartment hunting vlog of me touring some studio apartments in luxury Downtown Brooklyn buildings.

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  1. I liked the first one for the separation… I LOVED the one on the lower floors floorplan… And I really liked the one with the high ceilings and walk-in closets. I think you need to trust your gut. Just listening to you sounds like your preferring the first one or the last one. Did you get to check out the terrace to see how it felt?

  2. I agree with mostly everyone else that the first until is beast and has everything necessary and that you want! I like the separation of the space! I also liked the fourth building with the walk in closet unit and the other unit there too was great!

  3. i agree with most of the comments! i like the first building you showed the best because it feels less like a studio and more of a “bedroom” separated space!

  4. i hope you chose the last building – especially since it was cheaper and had waived amenities fees. i had a rooftop at my building in east village but honestly it always got so crowded and i didn’t find myself up there as much as i thought. eventually nyc will open back up so i hope it wasn’t a dealbreaker for you! and the huge walk in closet it just amazing.

  5. I loved the first one. I like the separate living space and kitchen zones, and the rooftop looked gorgeous. I also liked the second apartment in the fourth building for you. It had good vibes. I'm excited to see where you choose!

  6. All these Studios are huge, I like small ones. My opinion is get something you, will feel Happy to live in it, more than a year. Have money left after bills with no stress. Utilities are good if, some are included. Some Studios comes with all of them. Good thing you are looking at places where you can get around in transportation with no problems.

  7. I live in BK and it’s no way you should be living in a studio, I live in a 1 bedroom and for $1600 and it’s a great apartment, especially during covid, it’s so many great apartments that are even better that is $17,000 and more that are going for $1500-1700.

  8. I like the first building and the last building the best. I think they had the best layouts, seemed fairly spacious and had lots of light. If it were me, I'd go with one of the apartments in the last building because it sounds like a much better deal and the terrace still looked nice. But if the roof is really important to you I think the first building is the best.

  9. i would loooove to be moving in the city rn but my lease doesn’t end till august:/ living vicariously through you! on another note, if you’re not really digging the area probably best to write it off

  10. Would either go with the first one because separating kitchen from living space is SUCH a game changer mentally. Or I would do one with the walk in closet. You could do so much with storage and organization in there that it would free up space in your living area/less furniture.

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