1. All I can think when I see these apartments is: Is this the tenement slum where my very poor immigrant ancestors lived in one room with their ten children? If those walls could talk they would scream.

  2. The living room can actually be another bedroom. So split three way and considering one month is free, rent/person is less than $850!! But it’s in the Bronx so no thank you!!!!

  3. Well I'm disappointed I was looking to see the yard. That is one spacious normal apartment I've seen in New York. Very plain but lots of sunlight big windows everything's up to date. Very nice.

  4. I'm sorry. Did he just say that it's $2700 a month? That's hilarious! 🤣 Who's stupid enough to pay that?! (I can say these things 'cause I'm from The Bronx, but I moved down South in August 1995. We were paying $650 a month for a 2 bedroom/1 bath apartment in The East Moshula Pkwy area of The Bronx. I'm SO glad that I moved away from New York when I did. I would never move back there.)

  5. I wish for you to start with walking into the apt. The fast pace moving.. and jumping from kitchen, to closet.. to toilet🤯… slow down , and give us a starting point😌

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