NYC APARTMENT TOUR: What $1500/month gets you in Brooklyn

Check out my current NYC Minimalist Bedroom Tour:

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my apartment! Could you tell that all the B-Roll was filmed on an iPhone?






The Vlog:
Video Essays:

0:00 – Intro
0:29 – Overview
0:53 – Kitchen
01:12 – Living Room
01:30 – Bathroom
01:43 – Bedroom 1
02:07 – Bedroom 2
02:25 – Essentials
02:47 – Lounge
03:01 – Rooftop
03:21 – Sunset Vibes
03:39 – Conclusion

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  1. How can two adult men share a room? Where is the privacy to… well you know… …how awkward!! And the snoring!!!!!!! Yuk! That is not a good deal.

  2. I was at first like $1,500 to live alone, that’s too good to be true. Then when he said 700 square feet, I was like, oh he must have a roommate, still not terrible. Finally, when he said he has multiple roommates all paying $1,500 to sleep in bunk beds, I was like that’s not that great of a deal.

  3. I live in Westchester, about 1 hr from the city by train. My 700 sq foot one bedroom coop apartment costs me approximately $655 a month after my Star Rebate and it includes my electric. Of course I had to buy it, but I bought it back in 1974 (yes I am a senior now) for $6,000 when my salary was $170 a week. My maintenance at that time was $200 a month. You could still come to Westchester and find an apartment for approximately $1500 perhaps not as luxurious but not have to share it. Oh, yes, we didn't always make $60,000+ back in the 70s; mean salary back then was approximately $11,100 annually.

  4. Love it! Although I did get vertigo watching this video, the views are amazing and the sunset at dusk is so breathtaking. Thank you for sharing. Love – Aunt Lori and uncle Brian 🙂

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