NYC clears our homeless encampments

Mayor Eric Adams defended his policy of clearing out homeless encampments on the same day he opened a new kind of shelter for unhoused New Yorkers.



  1. What they want is for it to be illegal to be homeless… they will round everyone up into mandatory facilities. prisons.

  2. That $14 billion we gave to Ukraine and $2 billion we spent to send that hunk of shit to mars to see if there’s life there could’ve built a lot of housing that’s why America is a fucking joke

  3. The 115th precinct has so far recorded 94 felony assaults in 2022 compared to 66 at the same time last year, representing a more than 42% increase. Total New York City crime surged 38.5% in the first month of 2022. Biden’s America.

  4. It’s about time get rid of those nasty 🤢 🤮 animals put them in a mental hospital 🏥 for 15 years or a bus ticket 🎟 out of state.

  5. Just shows how fucking disgusting the mayors relatives are and they want to be taken care of in a facility no one even wants to have any to do with them .I for one would not deal with this human waste for any amount of pay.

  6. This is the Shame of America millions of dollars are wasted everyday. Thier should be audts as to how the funds are being spent. People should never be displaced. It is a shame that in order to get an aparment you must live in a shelter for at least a year before you can recieve a voucher and begin to find a housing unit that will accept such a program and desperate people again become victims with no choice but to accept whats available or remain in horrible shelters. Some may even die i such places that dont keep up with saftey housing codes such as having access to a roof top during a fire and find themseves locked inside with no exscape this happened in the Bronx many yesrs ago but I never forgot it because I knew the family who lost thier mother . A mother who suffered from asthma and brought her youngest Daughter to the window she was saved but Mom remained behind by the time that got to her she expired. A nightmare . Know one should ever have to live in such horrible conditions. There are out of the way places such as Flushing Meadow park where housing can be built and a community can thrive with a umbrella program that can serve and begin to help our most vulnerable which are woman and children. An example would be The villages in Flordia where housing could be built and a community could thrive with the correct people in charge. It could be an exclusive place for homeless people who's lives could be completely changed for the better. If you can build housing for the middle class and above ask yourself why not for the poor. Manage thise billions of dollars that are wasted in a failed system.

  7. Well then take all them abandoned buildings you have there and convert them into shelters if you don't want nobody camping out in the streets. Provide shelters for the women and children separate from the men's section. Simple. You got our tax dollars. Put it to some use instead of going off on some Golf vacation and take care of responsibilities your citizens right here in America.

  8. This mayor acts then he Looks for solutions he is just acting reckless and impulsive to look good, clearly African genes even tho he tries to act somehow white since he has never been with in the jungle. Some cops interact with ppl even taking them to jail for some others is just a job, a soldier of the law isn’t just a job, Adam is just trying to be a governor already, we need a white half liberal held conservative 48 y/o lady as a mayor to really fix and gain, talking bout building shelters and Alcatraz in canal too

  9. Sadly, street homeless encampments are nothing else but open drugs markets where all sorts of crime go unchecked. Many will die from fentanyl overdose. God or Universe or anyone help us all.

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