NYC court system flooded with eviction cases

City leaders are calling for the courts to slow the pace of these cases so tenants can maintain their legal right to an attorney. Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine is one of the authors of the law passed by the New York City Council ensuring tenants have access to a legal team as they face eviction.



  1. Bronx Housing Court is a broken mess. Landlords are the backbone of every community and pay the tax revenue. No Private Property = government benefits.

  2. They rode the free ride for all it was worth there are jobs out there go to work pay your rent nobody's talking about the landlords not being able to pay his property taxes and on top of not paying their rent they get free representation in court God Bless America

  3. Everyone on both sides KNEW this was coming, the courts KNEW there would be massive evictions and nonpaying tenants KNEW the free ride was ending, what did either side do to prepare for this? The court system should have planned to ramp up their ability to process these evictions and tenants should have prepared, saved, worked to have funds to move. This is not a surprised, it was known this day was coming.

  4. Great! If Jerry Nadler and the Democrats think there is no Border Crisis…then ship ALL the illegals crossing into the USA, at the Southern Border, to Democrat Run Sanctuary States in the North East!

    I'm sure NYC will have plenty of apartments for the illegals at the southern border …after they EVICT the people in NYC waiting for the final Court eviction decisions, for not paying current and back rent.

    There will be plenty of Vacant Apartments in NYC! Like Joe Biden says about Delaware…"My State is a Slave State!" Send them to Delaware!

  5. What do you think was going to happen after 2 years? You all act surprised. This is what you get for short term thinking and never planning for the future.

  6. Tendons go work pay your rent you can go by car you can go buy food you can go vacation don’t like to pay rent there’s nothing free in this planet you can go sleep with your wife because your money but your wanted everything for free two years you getting everything for free still your client like a child more free more free more free shame on yours go work and pay the bills like a normal human being you’re bigger

  7. Shame on yours you talking all nonsense we cannot take all our live free free free housing for public they make money by car they make money to go vacation but don’t like to pay range what you’re talking about bullshitting we not opening shelter we are a business with paper property tax with the income tax with a water bill we pre ment and we pay all this bill them get for free tell them to go work pay rent nonsense

  8. Moratoriums destroy rental housing and wipe out small landlords, they are like a cancer. Where is the real rental assistance, politicians? Enough with passing the buck

  9. Get a job and pay your rent, then you won't be homeless… why is the only answer for these people is a free ride. Never have I herd them say offer us work so we can pay the rent. Everything they want for free. Free food, free housing, free clothing…. when is the free ride gonna end?

  10. Free council is not available so let them pay for council like land lords or represent themselves. These pei0le are bums… fighting to live in someone's else home for free. It's disgusting. Group them all together in one building so they can live with each other

  11. The ones who didnt pay rent paid for a new benz or bmw and thought the money train wasnt going to end but 🤷🏻‍♂️once again its always the bad ones screwing it up for the ones who truly need it

  12. It's interesting he made room at all the homeless encampments did he expect everybody to get affected is that why he's opening up all these homeless shelters this mayor is a real fucking douchebag

  13. COME ON MAN it looks more like a deadbeat march to me , all these people claim poor me and i cant work cause im black or some bull crap the fact is they lived off welfare for a year and now its time to pay the piper, they drive bmw s and wear enough bling to weight down a boat , if they think the people dont know what they been up to there in for a surprise the rest of america is WORKING and paying their own bills tired of paying theirs

  14. Shut up and pay the rent. All blacks do is cry want something for free them complain. It's not societies issues that you made a choice to not get educated not get a good job and you don't want to pay high rent move! Get rid of free loaders in the dam projects who live generation after generation hogging up the resources all while buying 200$ shoes and hair! Blame those people tax payers are sick of getting taxed for a bunch of able bodies! Stand at the temp service ya might be able to pay your high rent then dam!

  15. Yet the same city has a 4.1% unemployment rate with plenty of jobs available. They either get their asses to WORK, pay their bills or let their lazy asses die hungry in the street. Free Stimulus time is over.

  16. Money management is key. Everyone had stimulus checks and if you were laid off,unemployment checks.
    What did they spend their money on if it didnt go on rent!!!!!!
    People are lost you cant maintain a society if the residents are latched on the government's teat.
    And lack responsibility like saving up for emergencies or prioritizing the important things like food shelter and health insurance.

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