1. Fuck market value- the prices are being artificially inflated by over-expensive, empty, towering buildings in midtown and downtown that rich and wealthy people use as investments. Multiple verified articles and videos about the problem.

  2. Those scummy people who want to be able to afford food and a place to live that isn't the size a jail cell. What ever will the landlord do in his 2000 sq ft high rise condo….

  3. Rent should be priced based on age of building, pipes, hvac, etc.. It should include utilities for these "Market Rates." Have a rental cap, NOT INCOME MAX… Mandatory Washer n dryer and price based on Sq Footage, like it did recently. Not these tiny homes with prices based on greedy slumlords who only see 🤑🤑🤑 instead of Quality of Life, who put in "New" USED appliances and a few "upgrades," i.e., cheap trending backsplash and faux granite countertops, if you get any counter space at all.🧐

  4. It's only difficult to raise rents if the apartments are protected under rent control or rent stabilization laws. The vast majority of apartments here are unprotected and market value or above. it sounds like the landlord wanted to break the rent protection and split the place into two.

  5. There really needs to be some type of nationwide law that makes this illegal. No reason one should be paying more to rent a place than to own a home. It is completely ridiculous. And rent should count towards mortgage qualification. If I can afford to pay double or more in rent, the. I can obviously own my own home and pay a mortgage.

  6. I hate tenants who hate to pay rent like just gtfo bro, so many other people are willing to pay and move here to chase their dreams. Then you have squatters who don’t do shit and think they deserve the world.

  7. It should be difficult to raise rent. If people can't pay bills or buy groceries bc they aren't paid what matches the market prices of being able to live then rent should be lower than market value and guess what, that ain't even affordable in most places

  8. Yeah nys makes it so you have to do the upgrades to the apartments to raise the rent. You want to raise the rent make it pass current codes. It's not difficult on you it's difficult because you have to spend money

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