NYC guys discover BEST of Downtown LA [Fun California VLOG]

BACK AT IT. K-drama esthetics. minus the esthetics.


Hot Oppa Summer Series:
Part 1: Santa Monica –
Part 2: Hollywood –

Guest Socials:
John Yoo:​
Jason Ki:​
Dr. John Yoo’s Dental Channel: @Dr. John Yoo
Downtown LA, Grand Central Market, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Last Bookstore
PO/BOX Address:
1178 Broadway
3rd Floor # 1061
New York, NY 10001
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  1. Yo @jbro you guys if you’re gonna eat donuts from the donut man you gotta try the strawberry donut they are famous for them! Don’t waste your calories on anything else!! Hehe 😜

  2. I hope one-of you gets the memo. JOHN I FOUND YOUR FUTURE WIFE ON YOUTUBE….her name is Dr. Sarang Choi. Do you know her?!?!? she looks and is your perfect match. I think. Please do a SOGETTING where you meet her since she lives in New York!!!!!!!! Now if she is an ex of yours then MY BAD.

  3. sorry, but the video is kinda boring to watch, there is no substance to it, you guys are not high schoolers. I prefer listening you guys talk about life or any topics you find interesting…just my two cents.

  4. Watching you guys hanging out is making me wanna go out with my friends but , we are not allowed to travel in groups according to COVID guidelines. Whta a shame😭

  5. Grand Central market has come a very fars way! Lol as an La native me and my high school friends in 2012/2013 would hit up GCM and get Chinese food for like $3! Aha … a few years ago they cleaned it up and opened up a bunch of indoor restaurants/ bars. I’m glad you guys got to experience dtla 😊

  6. Not so fun fact: Longest word that I learnt is Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. I swear I didn't copy-paste 😂😂. Lot's of love for JBro Vlogs❤

  7. P.s. Jason makes everyone blush…the way he did to Eric….
    Jason! wth….filter…please 🙂 If music is in your heart…sing more, we know you can play guitars 🙂 Miss you and John's musical duets 🙂

  8. You always put a smile on my face! 🙂 I adore how John takes care of everyone. Eric balances you 2 out. I enjoy seeing John'sand Eric's friendship. I adore how you have patience with each other to take the time to stop and do what each person wants to do. Jason keeps John on his toes for content and editing, and makes him laugh. You guys make me laugh! "to balance out the butter"…pans over to doughnuts! LOL! Thank you for your time…it made my day. Peace, love, and sunshine to you all! 🙂

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