NYC LIVE Rainy Day Driving Tour in Queens, Manhattan & Brooklyn (May 7, 2022)

NYC LIVE Rainy Day Driving Tour in Queens, Manhattan & Brooklyn on Saturday (May 7, 2022)

Start: 0:00
Queens (Long Island City): 5:50
Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge: 9:24
Road rage NYC: 10:17
Manhattan: 15:50
5th Avenue: 22:00
Road rage NYC: 32:32
6th Avenue: 37:00
7th Avenue: 44:00
Times Square NYC: 46:00
West Village NYC: 1:00:00
Tribeca NYC: 1:04:00
Downtown Manhattan: 1:10:00
Brooklyn Bridge: 1:12:00
Downtown Brooklyn: 1:18:00
Manhattan Bridge: 1:22:00
Chinatown: 1:26:31
Road rage NYC: 1:27:26
Williamsburg Bridge: 1:37:21
Williamsburg Brooklyn: 1:39:39
Lower East Side NYC: 1:51:51
Washington Square Park: 2:05:24
SOHO New York City: 2:07:46
Financial District NYC: 2:14:13
Charging Bull/ Wall Street Bull New York City: 2:22:00
Battery Park: 2:22:41

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