NYC March 17 2000

St Patricks Day 2000. I shot this video around NYC on 3/17/2000. I didn’t do any editing, just put the whole thing together as more of a “slice of life” type thing. The closest thing to a celebrity sighting was Rupert G. from the Hello Deli, which was featured on Letterman for years.



  1. I typed in "March 17th, 2000", AND "St. Patrick's Day 2000" in the Youtube Search Bar, and sorted the results by "View Count", and this was the top video with BOTH results, with 77,431 views as of 03/17/2022 at 12:07 A.M. Eastern Time(U.S. & Canada).

    Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!

  2. I remember NYC before 9/11. I was only 10 years old when this was filmed. I remember all of this. It was so peaceful. 3:26 No TRL today! I remember at this age, I couldn’t wait to get home and rush to MTV to see who was the next feature for TRL. ❤️

  3. Wow Virgin records and MTV LMFAO! Oh my god I love MTV and Virgin Records lets not forget Borders bookstore either. Then Barnes and Nobles too. I Love those places. Such a shame that time had to pass by now. I Want 1994 or 93 NYC not this new NY which sucks so bad. Glad I moved too.

  4. Man I swear if 911 never happened then NYC and this world would have just remained magical in alot of ways. I Remember 90's NYC very often and how people lived, it was fun, peaceful and everyone had problems but it was a safe place. People were much friendlier and things were just so much more nicer. I Wish it could have remained like 1993 or 1994 forever. Such a magical time. I Would not want to be in NYC again I would have anxiety and stuff there I think. I Think I would have alot of anxiety being in NYC now. I Had a hard life, bad times there. Too many bad times eventually. Very beautiful memories from the 90's, horrible memories like 2000 beyond.

  5. We could only hear natural sounds like rain and birds. But now it's totally different, once we open up our eyes we start listening the car horns and we keep hearing these artificial sounds till we go to sleep. Even sleep isn't peaceful anymore. And i miss seeing birds in the morning and their pleasant chirps😟 i wish I could travel back in time

  6. This was the last era before the NWO started to start. EVER SINCE THE TWIN TOWERS was the beginning ..then came the apple phones(technology) now we are here people. Seemed like things changed right after the towers.

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