NYC Update 25: Uptown to Downtown, Times Square to Battery Park + Wall Street Ducati Ride v1194

What has now become a classic ride – a classic route. This is from about 10 days ago now as I have not been riding much in this madness of staying home. Times Square, across and down all of Manhattan – right on to Wall Street Bull and Battery Park city – passing right by WTC and Freedome Tower and Oculus and all that. The temps have shifted back down and its cold again – which is a damn shame because the bike is feeling tip top. I’m starting to slowly lose it. I think like most of us at first I thought this was nothing and easy but its getting to me. This isolation of sorts. Same but different every day. And then there is money. I love that i can just ramble in these descriptions – and just send words to the universe. ANYWAY, I’m going to create new shirts and merch to sell so hopefully I do not become homeless.
If you read this far – buy some merch or join up and let me hear you say “YOU GOOD” – make sure to say it in all caps.

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All my gear:
My AGV K6 helmet:
My Motocamping Tent:
My Kriega US30 Bag:
My Heated Gloves – Highway 21:
My Earplugs – Eargasm:
My helmet – Shoei RF1100 #1:
My helmet – Shoei RF1200 #2:
Saddleman 3200 Motorcycle Camping Bag:
My Renthal Handlebars:
Quadlock Phone Case Mount:
Helmet Pinlock:
GoPro 7 Black:
GoPro Mic adapter:
My Moto Battery:
Castrol 10w40 Oil:
CRG mirrors:
Brake/Clutch Levers:
K+N Oil Filter:
Sena Headset:
Red Wing Iron Ranger boots:
Phone mount:
Phone case:
DJI Mavic Pro drone:
Battery Pack:
Camping Tent:
Camping pillow:
Sleeping pad:
Camping chair:
Cooking set:
Timbuk2 Backpack:
Seal Mate Fork Seal tool:

Intro Directed by Gianluca Miotto



  1. That’s the po po behind me… I’m not trying too be spicyyy 🤣😂🤣. Slow cooking 🧈 the empty streets of the city that’s never sleeps. What a weird time to be alive! never I’m my whole life we’ve seen NYC Hibernating like this. 🙏🏾

  2. Thank you so much for your videos. They remind me of the places I walked through my wanderings through your beautiful city, which I love very much. I always wanted to visit New York, but of course this was not possible due to the communists in my homeland. I didn't succeed until 1997, and then every year I saved for my next trip to the Big Apple. You often pass places on your motorcycle that I have known intimately over the years – and I thank you again for that. I greet you from the Czech Republic, from Prague. (I am sorry for my bad English).

  3. Hey DucatiNYC. I remember it was on your instagram. Do you have the clips of that one guy on one of those E-Bikes weaving through traffic, running red lights and basically trying to race you? I saw it on insta and can't find it again. I watched a couple of your vlogs trying to find it no luck. I wanted to show some friends how crazy that guy was running a red light into perpendicular traffic. It was wild.

  4. NYC is falling apart. Times Square is Disneyland, the infrastructure needs lots of work, the water towers are dirty inside, and now thousands dying or dead. I’m from Greenwich Village but left. Thanks for the motorcycle ride though.

  5. Almost like a video game to see it that empty. I keep saying it is surreal but it is. The squid being named an amateur – right on the money. Problem with amateurs is what they don't know can hurt them. Ride smart, wear gear. YOU GOOD?!

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