1. I can't believe these comments omg how is this not wrong to you??? It's proof that leaders care more about money than they do about people. Like, do yall forget that these are real living humans that are being affected by this targeted abuse? Do you truly think homelessness's solution is to tear down their only shelter and destroy their only belongings? Why not, idk, advocate for easier access to affordable housing? Clinics, shelters, anything that creates ACTIVE change??? This does not solve anything it's just a grotesque display of power and elitism. This is literally just abuse. You are not better than any other human. Y'all just don't want the eye-sore and that's why you're okay with this form of violence it's disgusting.

  2. The government should be able to offer a room with private kitchen and toilet. Shelters continue to be violent, noisy and full of health hazards.

  3. The saddest part of this whole story is that the tax money that they "say" they're spending is a joke. Your biggest problem is and always has been your local taxing agencies. It's the entire world that is out of control. Greed. What is the point in getting an apartment and paying for something you are only laying your head down for a few hours a day because you are always working.

  4. Okay if you going to take them off the street then you show the hell need to make sure they're safe in the atmosphere where you're putting them because a lot of these homeless people do not want to be in the shelter because they're being a victim to domestic violent

  5. NYers VOTED for all the problems it now faces…their worthless new mayor may have “swagger” but he may be even worse than deblasio…and who knew that could be possible. 1970s/early 80s-like NY is a distinct possibility.

  6. Get them their crack pipes and syringes, a nice hotel, give them some more government money. That will fix it. Just needed more money. Ask California. They have all the answers.

  7. Repeating the same thing over and over knowing exactly what the results will be …gotta keep that money flowing where they want it. Homelessness is their front ..Ever wonder how much money they get granted for these "clean up" crusades they go on? I do! I wonder!!
    This is just one more ridiculous way for them to gain monetarily and make it look like they are helping and they know these folks will set up camp elsewhere and they bank on it.
    Sad all the way around.
    People often times get stuck in mindsets they dont even realize they have the key to change so instead of the ones who could make a difference trying a different approach they too stay in the same mindset and that's to set these people up for failure…sick if you ask me. But what do I know..I'm sure there will be someone here to tell me how wrong I am lol, save it.

  8. This coalition for the homeless needs to get involved and help these homeless people instead of just criticizing. It's not fair to the homeless or other New Yorkers for the encampments to continue to exist.

  9. A day late and a dollar short. The elected Democrats are trying to make it look like they are doing something before the elections because as you may have seen already their polling numbers are in the toilet. Sorry Woke Mob, this isn't going to help at all. 🙄

  10. Sadly, street homeless encampments are nothing else but open drugs markets where all sorts of crime go unchecked. Many will die from fentanyl overdose.

  11. Dems caused all of this…. Now they "cleaning" up the city. .Yea okay… NYC, San Francusco and all blue cities look the same. Nothin new…🤦🏽‍♀️

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